Corentin Tessier and Maël Dumas are enjoying their outing in wild nature. But a simple picnic doesn’t satisfy Maël fully and he needs to get a piece of Corentin’s ass. The two boys engage in a hot public gay fuck. Jules Laroche was passing by and waching them made him so hard that he unloaded huge amounts of cum on Corentin’s face.

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Corentin Tessier and Maël Dumas enjoy a public gay fuck and a huge facial with Jules Laroche

On a beautiful summer day, Corentin Tessier and Maël Dumas hike in the mountains and settle in a clearing out of sight. Lying in the grass, half naked, the two boys clink glasses and enjoy some seasonal fruit. The tomato juice spurts on their bodies, the strawberries are covered with whipped cream and the cherries are pulled by the tail, it does not take more than the mischief of this 100% organic picnic to excite our couple of twinks who begins to kiss.

Corentin’s hand runs through Maël’s smooth body and quickly slides into his shorts to reveal a beautiful erection. The couple will treat themselves to a little 69 in this idyllic setting, before Maël, excited at the highest point, heads for Corentin’s pretty ass.

The two twinks will fuck with passion and Maël gives all his energy to satisfy the insatiable Corentin by pounding him vigorously under the blazing sun. Absorbed by their wild intercourse Maël and Corentin do not notice that a voyeur is watching them, hidden behind the bushes…

Corentin will finish his face dripping with hot sperm and it is certain that this bucolic experience will forever remain etched in his memory.

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