Get ready for some passionate sex between these two young and beautiful men. Bobby Noiret joins Jamie Durrell for some intense male-to-male sensual fun. Kissing, licking, sucking, fucking, all of this leads to a big cum mess from the two young hotties.

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Jamie Durrell and Bobby Noiret make a big cum mess

Life is full of small dramas for Jamie and Bobby today: Bobby thinks Jamie is just using him for his dick and doesn’t have the same feelings that he does. Knowing Jamie we also suspect that may be true, but also don’t see why Bobby would have a problem with it.
It doesn’t take Bobby long to come to the same conclusion and suggest that they go back to his place for a quick roll in the hay. As it turns out, Bobby was wrong: Jamie is not just using him for his cock, but for his ass! The sex between these 2 is passionate and energetic so we hope you enjoy their show today.

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