Hot daddy David Lee find is hard to stay at home while his wife is at the hospital. Desperate for someone to take care of his male urges, he’s happy to find that his boy Oliver Morgenson doesn’t mind helping him out. Oliver opens up for daddy’s meat.

Bring Me A Boy

Oliver pleases his daddy in a hot lockdown fuck

Being locked down was driving David Lee crazy. He’d lost track of time and worse still was his wife. As a first responder, she was quarantined at the hospital. He was horny without her and had begun to think maybe Oliver could provide some much needed stress relief. In fact, while playing a game of foozeball, David decided to up the ante with his stepson. For every goal, one of them would lose a piece of clothing. Oliver ends up getting naked but David decides to torment the boy even further. He allows his son one more goal, but if he loses, Oliver has to suck Daddy’s dick. Naturally, the boy loses, and David, with lust in his heart, and his mind muddled with everything happening around them, loses himself to the sensation of a hearty blowjob from his son. Except this Daddy needs more. He needs to unload in a wet, hot hole. After returning the oral favor, David stuffs his little boy’s ass with his thick, uncut cock. He fucks Oliver, eventually getting the boy to ride Daddy raw. When David takes charge once more, it’s to pound Oliver into a frenzy that drives them both over the edge. Daddy fucks the cum out of his boy, then pulls out to spew all over his sons’s cock and balls. And now, both know what they’ll be doing tomorrow.

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Bring Me a Boy

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