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Doggy Boys

Lino Manca and Leo Alfano stroke their huge boy dicks

Lino Manca is a stunning young man, smooth and athletic, horny and well-proportioned, the kind of innocent boy we would all love to teach a few things. While you could no doubt educate him in plenty of new pleasures he doesn’t need many lessons in playing with his own twink boy dick, however. With some groping of his growing bulge in his sexy shorts he’s soon easing out his impressive dick and showing off that delicious member, plump and growing by the second. He’s so excited, it’s obvious in the way his erection points upward, rigid and ready for more attention. You’d gladly offer him a hand if you were there, along with other things. Watch as he humps his hips slightly while he jerks his cock, his full balls bouncing and swaying, the pleasure growing as he applies pressure to his taint and drains the hot young cream from his swollen helmet while his climax rushes through him. We can’t wait to see more of Lino and that twink boy dick, perhaps a friend will join him next time?

Adorable little Leo Alfano has a little solo time planned, kicking back on the couch and admiring some equally gorgeous boys on the internet while his long cock starts to throb in his pants. He reaches in to give it a little play, but it’s not enough, soon his jeans and underwear are sliding off to reveal his long legs and his incredible uncut cock. He’s quickly rigid in his stroking hand, his full balls hanging, a little precum seeping from the very tip of his curved length. He’s a stunning young man, but that only becomes even more apparent as he slides his sweater off to display his slim and smooth body in it entirety, a playground we would all love to explore in person. Perhaps that’s what he’s thinking of as he lays back on the couch, his eyes closed, his cock pumping in his hand as his twink cum load grows ready to be splashed from his long uncut tool in a climactic finish? The final moments of youthful play as he smears his juicy warm mess over his skin is a perfect finish.

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Doggy Boys

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