Ken Rodeo makes the common mistake of inviting his ex-boyfriend Sunny Colucci to his place. The tension is there but has a certain sexual character. It doesn’t take long before the two end up kissing and Ken goes down on Sunny’s big erect cock. Sunny fucks the hell out of Ken until the bottom cums all over himself and ends up licking Sunny’s tasty jizz.

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Ken Rodeo enjoys a good fuck with his ex-boyfriend Sunny Colucci

Ken Rodeo was walking home from work when he ran into his old boyfriend Sunny Colucci. The two had not seen each other in a while and both of them looked incredibly hot dressed to the nines in their suits and ties. Ken invites Sunny back to his place and they cannot even get thru the door before they are kissing and pawing at each other. As they continue to kiss, they begin stripping off each other’s shirts and as Sunny starts to undo his pants Ken drops to the floor in front of him. Ken pulls Sunny’s cock from the confines of his pants and swallows it completely before eagerly working it while one hand rubs Sunny’s incredible tight six-pack. Sunny stands up, pushes Ken up against the closet doors, pulls his already engorged cock from his pants and sucks up Ken’s rock-hard cock. Ken wants Sunny’s cock up his ass and he makes no bones about it. He turns around and spreads his legs as far as they will go with one of them propped up on the bed. Sunny kneels down behind him and after fingering Ken’s hole, he buries his face into Ken’s ass; feverishly working his tongue in and out. Our two hunks waste no time getting down to business. Sunny points his thick cock at Ken’s hole and literally shoves it right in as Ken moans quite loudly with each thrust. Ken and Sunny go at it madly for the longest time and in every conceivable position. Sunny is giving Ken quite the ass-pounding when he realizes that if he does not pull out, he will lose it. Sunny pulls Ken to his knees and shoves his long, thick cock into his mouth. Sunny continues fucking Ken’s face until his sweet creamy jizz drips from Ken’s mouth while trying to swallow every drop.

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