As the year ends, we’ve been checking the search stats on and analyzed what you guys searched the most for in 2019. Here are the 10 winning keywords that reveal what the biggest gay fetishes have been this year among GayBator fans.

10) Gangbang

The more the merrier! Also when it comes to gay sex. Orgies and gangbangs have always been a hit and naturally find their way into the list of the 10 biggest fetishes of the year.

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9) Dildo

Toys can be fun and finding “dildo” among the most searched keywords of 2019 confirms that they also are fun to watch as part of some hot male sex. After all, aren’t they made to make you feel good?

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8) Bukkake

Getting covered in semen by several men at once is a common fantasy among gay guys. No wonder we find that keyword in our list for 2019. You like your men slutty, what can we do 😉

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7) Bareback

A controversial keyword is found at number 7. Condomless anal sex remains popular among our blog’s fans, who seem to enjoy hot raw action. But guys, while you may enjoy watching it, remember to be responsible: Stay healthy and protect yourselves and others when enjoying sex!

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6) Facial

The best place to cum is a never ending debate! But if we rely on these our very serious statistics, the face is where most guys would want it, or at least want to watch it end. Cum seems to belong where it can be smelled and tasted.

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5) Piss

Naughty boys! Cock liquids are inevitable when it comes to favorite gay turn ons. And that includes every watersports fan favorite, PISS! Warm, scented and plentiful, what else could you ask for?

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4) Hairy ass

Some prefer it shaved and smooth, but it seems the majority of you have been wanting to see more hairy ass in 2019. Hot hairy butthole are simply making you guys go wild it seems!

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3) Cum

Here it is, the most loved liquid among gay men, starting the top three of this list. There’s never enough of it it seems, and the irresistible need to produce it and release it is probably one of the reasons why you’re looking at this page right now 😉 We simply love CUM!

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2) Daddy

Yes, there’s been an explosion of DILF porn sites in the past year, and we can clearly observe the growing love for daddies when looking at the most searched keywords on our site. Horny daddies are simply hot hot hot right now!

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1) Feet

Here’s the favorite part of the male body according to our blog’s visitors this year. And the winners are… FEET! Good to look at, sniff and lick, what could after all be more arousing? Seems you need more feet under your nose for the cumming year 😉

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Did you realize that big dicks did not make it to the top 10? In 2019, it seems size simply is overrated! We hope you have enjoyed this post.

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