We’re delighted and honored to bring our blog readers an exclusive interview with Europe’s rising power bottom star Paul Delay. A sweet, kind and smart young French man who’s determined to enjoy life and committed to making porn the art it deserves to be. Read on to find out more about the Cocky Boys and French Twinks model everyone has been talking about lately.

Paul Delay interview

Name: Paul Delay
Age: 21
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 68 kg (150 lbs)
Cock size: 14 cm (5.5″)
Position: Bottom
Based in: Paris, France
Languages spoken: French, English. Learned Spanish and Chinese at school but forgot…
Twitter: @PaulDelayX

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Paul Delay interview:

GB: Salut Paul! How are you? May we start by asking what you had for breakfast this morning?

Paul: I’m good, thanks! Well, I had cereals, chocolate Quaker Crusli in a milk bowl. And a cup of coffee with a drop of milk.

GB: Sounds very healthy. Glad to hear you like milk 😉 Any exciting plans for the day?

Paul: I’ll go to work! I’m working in a bank since a few months, it’s going great. I’m glad school is over, I could not wait any longer for being fully independent!

GB: Wow, fully independent at 21, that’s quite an achievement! Well done! Reflecting on the last couple of months, what has been the highlight of this winter for you?

Paul: Definitely working for CockyBoys in December! Shooting Le Garçon Scandaleux (co-produced by PinkX) was incredible, Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian were absolutely amazing, Ben Masters and Sean Ford (whom I shot with) were so kind and so professional. This experience is unforgettable.

Also, my trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas with the French Twinks was so nice! We shot a 3-part movie with 4 US models, the 2 first parts being already released. I saw landscapes I’ve never seen before, it was my very first time in the US! I’m very grateful to Antoine Lebel, producer of French Twinks, for organizing such a trip.

Paul Delay

GB: And we’ve enjoyed watching the results of those adventures very much! Our blog visitors seem to love you very much 😉 What does it feel to be a rising porn star?

Paul: It is so fulfilling, so satisfying! Especially because my boss never would have bet a single cent on me at first! (lol) Seriously, looking back at my first scenes, I wasn’t as confident with myself as I am now. And French porn is barely existing actually compared to the UK or the US (I realize how much now I’ve been to the US, the GayVN for example). So, when I won Best Twink at European Prowler Porn Awards last year, I was so shocked, I felt like no one in a country of no porn! And it all started with the Prowler I think; then the PinkX Awards where I won Best Actor; then working for CockyBoys; then my trip to the US, CyberSockets Awards, GayVN… It’s been a lot for a little boy like me! Part of me is still not realizing.

GB: Well, you definitely deserve all of this recognition. What brought you to do porn?

Paul: I met a guy on Grindr, we hooked up, and then he told me he had been a porn actor for 6 years. It was Doryann Marguet. I was curious, asked him questions, and it was a time where I used to have a lot a sex, and I needed to go further, and put some sort of art into my sexuality. Or maybe put some sex into art, I don’t really know…

I don’t know if you can call “art” everything that I’ve done, but be sure there’s a lot of work behind everything I did.

Paul Delay & Doryann Marguet

GB: It certainly shows. What would you say is the best side and the worst side about being an adult performer?

Paul: The best side for me is playing a role in an actual movie. Beyond the sex part, I really love shooting the b-role parts! Shooting US Road Dick for French Twinks was so exciting, I am always 100% committed to playing my roles. This time my favorite moment was playing that part when Luke Allen comes out with a knife after our car broke down in a Californian desert and we broke into Allen’s house.

I’d say the worst part is when people think being an adult performer means you are easily accessible sexually, and cross boundaries they should not cross. I loathe wandering hands.

GB: Do people sometimes recognize you on the street and what is it like?

Paul: Never. Lol. It is quite appreciable. I guess I’m the guy next door!

GB: We must admit, we love watching you bottom. Is this what you enjoy the most or do you have other preferences?

Paul: Yes definitely, I’m not really a good top actually. It is so exhausting, you have to be quite resistant! But when it comes to moving my butt with a dick inside, I find instinctive energy! I love doing the move, I’m not a sea-star kinda guy! Antoine Lebel, my producer at French Twinks, says I’m a power bottom.

GB: We can confirm that we agree with him 😉 We’ve noticed fisting was already on the list of what you’ve tried on camera. What does it feel like? Do you also practice it privately?

Paul: It was the first and the only time I’ve done it in my life. Sometimes I try and then it hurts so I give up to something less hard than finger… A dick may be hard but you know it’s made of flesh, not bones! But Abel Lacourt (my fisting partner in the scene) did not have a large hand, so it helped… But honestly it felt like I was giving birth, I never felt something that big inside, even though I’m pretty familiar with big dicks! So why not try again! Anyway I’m pretty proud I’ve done this in front of cameras, it wasn’t an easy thing to do!

Paul Delay

GB: In any case, we couldn’t notice that it was your first time. How often do you have sex?

Paul: I’d say, once a week… Sometimes twice.

GB: What was your first sexual experience like?

Paul: Omg. I was a kid, like 14, unaware of everything… I met that guy on an online chat room, after a week of sweet talking, we decided to see each other, but I lived at my parents’, in the countryside, and he lived in Paris. I had to lie to my parents, telling them I was at a friend’s who moved to Paris, and then take a train to join him, all alone, for the first time. I was freaking scared but mostly excited. We spent the night in a hotel in Paris, he took his time, it was cool… but for God’s sake he could have been a rapist or I don’t know… KIDS OUT THERE, NEVER DO THAT! Let your parents know who you go to! Back then I think I was very unconscious.

GB: Good advice! Ok, you’re still pretty young, so the best is probably still ahead of you, but could you describe the best sex you’ve ever had?

Paul: Wow there’s been so many times… But the latest I can remember happened in the US actually, on the Route 66, in a motel. It was our very last night before coming back to France from our US road trip with French Twinks. I won’t say his name because what happens in Vegas… you know.

GB: Hehe, lucky guy! What about the worst experience or something you would never try again?

Paul: I was still living at my parents’, I was like 18, just had my driving license, and I was horny as fuck. There was no one attractive around so I drove to that guy living 45 minutes away. And when I saw him, he was… not like on his photos! And he was freaking me out with his way of acting… So while we started getting naked I was thinking of a way to get out of there and then I just pretended I received an urgent message, obliging me to leave. The guy stared and said “You’re a liar”. I thought he would never let me go alive. I did my best as an actor (to be) and I finally convinced him I was gonna come back soon. I went home so relieved to be safe!

GB: Yikes! Happy for you that you managed to get away. Well let’s think about some more attractive guy. If you could have sex with someone right now, who would it be?

Paul: François Sagat.

GB: François, if you read this… Where would you say is the best place to have sex?

Paul: On a boat.

GB: That is quite a precise answer, so I guess you have good reasons for it 😉 Do you have any fantasies or fetishes you’d like to reveal to your fans?

Paul: I love licking feet, sucking toes. It makes me feel so submissive! Well, not everyone’s feet because some are not really pretty… lol

But more generally I’m what I call a fashionsexual guy. Meaning I attach importance to wearing specific clothes, specific underwear according to my mood and my partners’. I love playing roles.

GB: Which male element tastes the best? A big erect cock? A wet asshole? A fresh load of cum? Or something else?

Paul: It depends on the male, but I’d say the cock, yes. I love sucking.

GB: It for sure shows on screen 🙂 What’s your type of man and what do you like best in a man? Any good advice if we want to turn you on? 😉

Paul: Haha, I like men between 30 and 40, gentle, with lots of humor, with a nice dick of course, in shape but not too muscled, bearded is a plus. I don’t have much physical preferences, it’s mainly about charism actually.

Paul Delay

GB: That’s all very interesting 😉 How would you describe your personality?

Paul: I’m said to be a nice guy, I care about others, my parents raised me well lol. I’m really open-minded, can apologize when I’m wrong, and listen to what others have to say. I think positive. But I’m also quite clumsy, daydreaming, I’m a lone wolf. I hate war, hatred, zoos…

GB: Do you have any special projects you’d like to announce to your fans?

Paul: I’m about to shoot a traditional short film, in a very fashion style. They casted me because I play a guy who’s having a sexual interaction with another guy and they wanted someone who’d be comfortable with doing that. It’s a French production, and it’s dealing with the way people act to get other people’s attention with social networks. It’s coming this summer and I’m really proud of being on this project. It’s called Jerk Off, and it’s produced by Axel J. Sannino.

GB: We’ll be sure to be looking out for it. Apart from turning us on in your videos, what are your other passions and hobbies in life?

Paul: I like playing board games, singing, watching series. I go to gym but it’s not really a passion, just a way not to be too skinny lol.

GB: Haha. Any dreams for the future?

Paul: Winning a GayVN award. Definitely. Also traveling around the world. But if the people I love and I stay healthy it’s the most important. The rest is bullshit.

GB: What’s your favorite place in the world? If you could decide to live anywhere, where would that be?

Paul: London is probably my favorite place in the world. The people, the spirit, the beauty… I also loved L.A. but only stayed there 3 days so can’t really tell.

GB: If there was one thing you could change in the world today, what would it be?

Paul: Change war into PEACE. Without a doubt. I’ll start with that.

GB: Quite a task I’m afraid… Any life advice you’d like to give your fans? About love, sex, life, whatever is important to you?

Paul: Live fast. Die young. Be wild. And have fun.

Also, it’s important to go get tested regularly for STIs. Know your status and adapt your protection to your sexual habits with the help of a specialist.

GB: We can only agree on that point. Are you single or in a relationship? In love?

Paul: Single. But my heart is taken.

GB: That’s a tough one for us to hear hehe 😉 And since we started with breakfast… Any favorite food? What do you feeling like eating now?

Paul: I loooove Japanese food. But right now, like right now, it’s 9pm I haven’t had dinner yet and I just gobbled a box of chocolate praline, I’m not hungry at all anymore, probably won’t be able to eat much after that! lol

GB: Maybe a lollipop? Hehe. Thank you so much Paul for taking the time to answer our inquisitive questions 😉 Wishing you all the best for the future! Any final thought you’d like to add?

I’m so thankful to my fans who have more than ever supported me in 2018 and continue to be behind me this year with the incredible project I’m involved in. I really enjoy myself in porn and I really want to share more and more love, fantasies and pleasure with people around the world because there are so many bad things going on almost everywhere, and it’s important to share good vibes, to focus on what makes us happy… Porn is still seen by so many people as evil because we (models) kinda break this intimacy zone, in which most people think sex should remain, when we’re actually making a film out of fantasies, emotions, passions. We record that and it lasts forever. But anyway, people still have a bad image of porn and I’m determined to change that vision.

Thank you for having me!

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