Drew Dixon opens up for Dominic Pacifico in this very intense scene, featuring simultaneous piss and fist fun and hard pounding. Make sure not to miss it!

Drew Dixon and Dominic Pacifico play with cock, ass, piss and fist

Dominic is dirty, verbal daddy to Drew Dixon’s obedient bottom boy. Drew gags on Dominic’s cock as Dominic reaches around to pull his head down closer. Lean, handsome Brit Drew licks and worships Dominic’s heavy nuts, his leather cap turned backward for maximum sucking with no visor in the way. He turns and crouches face down onto the leather platform so his ass is up and spread open to dive in and suck.

Dominic feeds on Drew’s hairy crack and hole, hands grabbing tight to spread the hole. Drew’s hole opens and puckers for Dominic’s talented tongue. It’s an easy slide in as Dominic plows his cock into the welcoming orifice. That hole is so hungry that no cock will be enough, so he pulls his legs apart and holds one knee up for Dominic to drive a fist in, reach deep inside.

Once Dominic pounds in and twists his fist inside, Drew’s bladder gets over-excited and sends a cascade of piss arching high in front of him. Dominic tries to catch a taste just as the pee stream subsides. Drew’s rosebud blooms and pops out his hole, prompting Dominic to take a clenched fist and push it all back in. It’s a wet juicy spectacle as lube and piss splash around the platform, then Dominic adds to the liquid with a load of his own piss across Drew’s ass, soaking his dick and nuts. Perching his boots on a dry edge of the platform, Drew grinds his hips and ass down onto Dominic’s upturned arm.

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