The year starts in a very juicy way at Japanboyz. Fuji meets Yusaku and the two young men soon find out that dick to ass insertion is very pleasurable. Here’s a hot Japanese ass breeding scene.

Japanese ass breeding for two hot twinks

Fuji is alone and bored, and invites Fuji to have some fun. Yusaku is happy to start the year out with a sex date with one of the hottest models around, and comes right over. Fuji gives him a big welcome kiss and their jeans come off. Yusaku’s cock is already firm under his briefs, and Fuji gently kneads and rubs it as Fuji reaches over to tweak his nipples.

Yusaku’s sexy briefs are perfect for letting his dick out between the pouch and waistband, and Fuji gets his mouth on it right away before standing to strip off his own undies. Yusaku plays with Fuji’s dickhead between his lips and at the tip of his nimble tongue before taking it all the way in. He licks the tightly packed nutsack then swallows his cock to the root.

The two studs fall to the bed in a tight embrace, with Fuji’s legs wrapped around Yusaku’s waist as they kiss deeply. Yusaku is definitely looking to fuck, and licks Fuji’s tight hole before standing to get a quick hot suck from his buddy. Yusaku gets even harder, and it’s time to slide into Fuji’s warm, cockhungry ass.

Slathering on some slick lube, Yusaku kneels with the head of his dick pressed into Fuji’s crack, letting it glide in smoothly. The soft fuzz of his pubes tickle against Fuji’s ass as he rests his cock fully inside. As he begins to pump, we watch from behind, streams of lube drizzling down as he plows in. He speeds up to machine-gun rate and gives Fuji a pounding he won’t forget.

Fuji leans up to kiss Yusaku and they lock into a passionate position, bodies and mouths joined. Yusaku leans back to a kneel and Fuji beats his cock in time with the fast hard strokes. As they turn so Fuji is on top and riding, Yusaku reaches to twiddle his sensitive nipples and flexes his hips to slam in. His thighs vibrate as he reaches the deepest point inside his sexy date. He begins milking Fuji’s cock, and cum splatters out everywhere as Fuji moans. Yusaku gives him a cleanup lick, uses a handful of sperm as lube to beat off his own cock into a juicy, well-earned climax that squirts up several inches before splashing down onto his cock and the sheet below.

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