It’s not the first time Koldo Goran and Franklin Acevedo make their humongous cocks meet inside a willing bottom’s hole. It’s now Drew Dixon’s turn to get filled by their huge male tools and receive their loads all over him. Yet another epic scene from Tim Tales.

Koldo and Franklin double-fuck Drew Dixon

When you think it can’t get better, well, it does. Double fucking better! Drew Dixon is up for the infamous Timtales’ DP session. And it’s the ultimate ride of his life. The two massive cocks of Koldo Goran and Timtales Exclusive Franklin Acevedo fit right in. It’s double the trouble and triple the pleasure for Drew’s incredibly opened hole. I can’t tell you enough how I love to see a bottom lose himself to pure raw enjoyment. Drew loved every second and every inches of this insane DP session. Go ahead, treat yourself! 🙂

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