What are the most popular gay fetishes? Ever wondered what gives guys who are into guys a boner? We thought that was a good question here at GayBator and thought we could share some of our secret knowledge with our dear blog visitors 😉 All based on real visitor data from our blog’s stats, we calculated the 30 keywords reflecting fetishes or fantasies that were most often requested by you guys. No cheating! No fake news! Just facts! The results are pretty hot, and we’ll accompany them with a few illustrations with the hope to give you the hardest boner ever 😉 Read on!

30) Straight guys

Our countdown starts with a fantasy that is maybe surprisingly not higher on this list. Fucking a straight guy is almost every gay man’s fantasy. You may think that the definition of straight, or straight-acting, or straight-looking, is slightly blurry in the world of gay porn (really?) 😉 Well, if you’re told a guy is straight, you’ve just got to believe it! And if you’re gay, your instinct will tell you to do what you can to get into his pants.
Straight cum - Brenden Steel Fucks Dillon Anderson

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29) Leather

At number 29, here’s a keyword that won’t surprise many. Leather is often associated with the gay community as one main fetish. Although it only appears towards the bottom of our list, it is still very much alive.

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28) Gloryholes

Ah, those infamous gloryholes! They seem to still make quite some guys salivate. An anonymous erect cock appearing in front of you in the restroom is a fantasy that will be hard to kill. Holes (of any kind!) are always made for dicks 😀
Giant at the GloryHole

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27) Armpits

Cum sniff my pits! Yes, filling your nostrils with male scents is the favorite activity of many gay men, and armpits are just the perfect place to put your nose if you really want to know what your man smells like. Pits are hot and will remain so!
Armpit licking

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26) Flip-fucking

Top or bottom? Any gay man has been asked this question numerous times. But more and more are seeing themselves as versatile, or at least enjoy watching two men “flip-fuck”, meaning that they take turns fucking each other. Why not enjoy it from both sides? 😉
Cory Kane & Valentin Braun Flip FuckCory Kane & Valentin Braun Flip Fuck

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25) Sex at the doctor’s

The amount of doctor/patient scenes in gay porn is difficult to count! It seems that all these guys keep having issues somewhere in the lower part of their bodies 😉 Well, we must admit that horny doctors and patients give us instant boners. Don’t we all secretly wish that visits at the doctor would be that pleasant? 😉
Doctor fuck - Alex Mecum, Skyy Knox - JOCK DOC, SCENE #04

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24) Shower sex

Sex in the shower is hot! At least according to gay men. Nothing like two wet bodies rubbing each other and getting dirty while getting clean 😉 Yes, if we’re sure of one thing, it’s that (spoilers….) men like it wet!
Jizz madness Nate Grimes, Ryan Pitt Shower Prowl

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23) Soldiers and military sex

Ah, the army! Being surrounded by sweaty masculine men constantly. This is any gay guy’s dream 😉 Or at least fantasy… Naked soldiers, or, better, soldiers satisfying their sexual urges between themselves, can only be a hit. Bring on those uniforms!
Soldier cocks - Alex, Quentin Gainz & Ryan Jordan

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22) Masturbation

At number 22, here is one keyword that we somehow did not expect to see in this top 30. But thinking a bit further, solo sex is in fact the most practiced sexual activity on this planet. So it’s no wonder that we find good old masturbation as something worth watching while we jerk off ourselves. And isn’t this site called GayBator after all? 😉 In fact, we suspect that you may be enjoying a good bate at this very moment 😉
Owen Powers Solo

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21) Police officers

Cops and men in uniform in general have always been a hit when it comes to gay fantasies. And the fantasy never seems to die. Policemen can always show you a good time, especially if they have big cocks 😉 It seems gay domination is best when it’s done by a professional!
Gay Cop JJ Knight and Paul Canon America's Finest Part 3

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20) Asian guys

At number 20, the keyword “Asian” pops up. And yes, we’ve been featuring quite some Asian guys here on GayBator and will continue to do so. We must say that we think men from any origin can be hot! And it seems that sometimes our visitors can be in Asian mood 😉
Asian cum - Javey Fucked By Straight Stud

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19) Orgies and gangbangs

The more, the merrier! This is definitely true in gay porn. Group sex, whether it is a threesome or a crazy orgy, is certainly an activity that is on the to-do list of many gay men. At least as a fantasy…
BelAmi orgy

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18) Muscles

Muscles have a long history as objects of homo-eroticism. So no wonder muscle gay porn should be on our list of stuff that has been most popular among our visitors. We enjoy all kinds of men here at GayBator, but if you’re into strong men who go to the gym, you’re not alone 😉
Goran and yoshi [East and West] muscle cock

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17) Men in suits

Business men may look serious but we know that they think with their cocks. And when they unleash what’s under their tight trousers, things can get really really wild. Men in suits are in fashion, and gay men get instant boners watching them get horny.
Submissive sex Menatplay SUBGAMES

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16) Public sex

Sex in public, with the risk of being caught, is a fantasy shared by many. And yes, gay guys like masturbating, sucking, fucking and cumming in the strangest public locations. Ok, that’s maybe not such a big surprise 😉 We don’t know if you dare doing it in real life, but it is in any case something that you guys seem to enjoy watching!
Dudes in Public 30: Motel

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Something missing? Do you have another fetish not listed here? We don’t pretend that this list of most popular gay fetishes is exhaustive. Let us know what turns you on by leaving a comment below.

Stay tuned on GayBator for more updates with the most popular gay fetishes on the net.