Let’s meet our scruffy GuyBone guys for some raw and juicy deep dicking. These three new scenes feature a seven-man orgy, some big dick furry fun and huge cumshots to end it all. They had fun and it’s contagious…

Cord Younglove introduces Mason Dane to deep dicking

Black shirted and boned up in jeans, Cord and Mason got right to business, and pleasure, in their bareback fuck scene. Cord, the ever dominant top, tossed his submissive twink costar on the bed and bit and pawed at him. His masculine bearded mug and wide, wet tongue were all over the boy’s body. He freed Mason’s throbbing, well hung hardon from its denim prison and choked it down his throat. He licked his big, heavy balls and nibbled his groin. Then he stood up and whipped out his own gigantic cock, uncut and hairy, nuts hanging low, and encouraged his partner to put his mouth all over his equipment. Mason looked cute as hell tasting Cord’s mighty cock. He jerked the shaft as he sucked and Cord threw back his head in animalistic delight. So much delight, they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That’s more fuck for your buck!

He had his lips wrapped around Mason’s stiff dick again before I knew it, making the boy wonder writhe and wriggle and whimper with sensory overload. Cord made his way to Mason’s beautiful back door, plunging his hungry tongue between the boy’s butt cheeks, rimming him deep and delicious. He gulped on his boner again, then returned to his hole. Back and forth, giving much desired attention to every sexually aching body part Mason had.

Cord mounted Mason, jeans still wrapped around his legs, and lubed up with SPUNK. He needed to be inside the boy ASAP. And Mason needed to feel that rugged man on top of and inside of him STAT. Cord lifted Mason’s leg and drove his raging dick deep inside his ass. He pushed and pulled his prick, gently but firmly fucking the twink. He got Mason on his stomach and slid his dick in doggy style. Cord’s toned body on top of Mason’s slim figure was the perfect picture. The way they made each other moan, the way their bodies complimented one another. Their sexual chemistry was off the charts from the moment they met and it only intensified the harder and longer they screwed raw.

Cord’s manhood made itself at home in Mason’s hole. He fucked the sexy skinny guy as hard as he could, his nut sack slapping against Mason’s tight butt as he banged into him. Mason’s meaty knob swung with the rhythm of the bareback screw. He laid on his back again so Cord could fuck on his knees. Cord ravished him and when he couldn’t hold his load anymore, he pulled out and shot his hot seed across Mason’s handsome body. They kissed and cuddled for a moment, then it was back to the business of boning.

Mason wasn’t done getting filled by Cord’s colossal cock, so after a wee intermission, he began playing with it again, chubbing it up. Mason took control for a moment and it was entertaining to see the twink teach the top a thing or two. He pleasured Cord in ways unknown to the bearded brut and wouldn’t stop until he had that hardon balls deep in his butt once more.

Youthful, energetic Mason was rock hard himself, his big dong bouncing in the air as he bounced his mouth all over Cord’s girthy cock and foreskin. Cord returned the favor, once more swallowing Mason’s man hammer, playing with it, teasing his costar, readying him for the round two fucking. Mason wanted to ride Cord, so they re-lubed their body parts and got to it. Mason rode him hard, smashing his body seductively against Cord’s. The twink’s precum painted Cord’s slightly hairy stomach as he gyrated on his good-time stick. For a second, Cord and I both thought Mason would cum like this, shooting his boy batter across his top’s tummy. Alas, he needed to be on his back, so that’s where we put him.

Cord rolled him backward and dominated him once more, delivering one helluva deep dicking. His bareback boner plowed that pretty boy hole. Mason jerked feverishly as Cord fucked him missionary. It was so good, in fact, Cord came a second time. Way to show up Mason, there, buddy. Hot, horny, hung and full of cum, Cord just couldn’t keep it in his balls, not that we wanted him to. He spilled his second batch of sperm all the way up to Mason’s neck, down his chest, and covering his big balls. He laughed at his surprisingly huge encore load then offered a sexy thigh massage to Mason to help him reach ecstacy.

It worked. With Cord’s manly hands rubbing up and down Mason’s hairy legs, the toned twink busted his nut all over his tight tummy. Hot, white cum dripped down his hips as Cord chuckled, happy to have helped him orgasm. The two made a terrific team, one I look forward to watching over and over again. No doubt, you’ll feel the same way!

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Seven-man circle jerk for horned up furry alpha males

Celebrate GuyBone’s 7 Year Anniversary with seven sexy men in one very electric circle jerk. Every year I try to do something I’ve never done before to really honor the site’s birthday. I’d always had the idea of a circle jerk in my back pocket, but never filmed one. Lots of group oral and bukkake scenes and plenty of gang bangs and orgies, but never just a pure circle jerk where the guys could kick back and really enjoy their hard dicks as well as each other’s.

My idea was ready to become reality, I just needed seven sexy guys to star in it. One guy for each year of the site’s existence, obviously. I’m OCD like that. Also, I wanted to up the ante and film a scene that had more models in it than any before it. It should have been a more daunting task, but I lucked out filming around the Up Your Alley on Dore Alley weekend because several hot out-of-towners were visiting for the event.

They included Zack Acland and Aaron Burke, our two Aussie hotties, together for the first time, as well as Brian Bonds and Mason Lear, the couple who made it possible for Mason to finally get on GuyBone because of their engagement / traveling together. I’d been chatting with him for years but could never make our schedules align. Thanks to Brian proposing to him, bringing him to San Francisco for the festival, I was finally able to film with him. Man, what a treat!

Ruggedly handsome furball Parker Allen was back and I loved seeing him on set with Brian again after they’d filmed a flip fuck scene for us the previous year. Great chemistry, those two! And rounding out the incredible cast were Avi Jacobs and his husband West, who had never filmed together for GuyBone before, but agreed to for this special anniversary scene. Filming them individually is always boner inducing, but filming them together was mind blowing.

I had my seven sexy guys and a hotel room to film them in. The stage was set. We met up in the morning and I set the guidelines for the scene. They could kiss, jerk, finger and rim, but no sucking, no fucking, and should save cumshots for the end. Easy enough. Except none of them seemed overly excited about the idea. Could it be, was I the last man on earth who found circle jerks arousing? The thought of seven stiff dicks being touched, teased, showed off and milked was the thing of dreams for me. I watched circle jerk porn all the time and fantasized about a bunch of guys sitting around stroking themselves and each other if they were bold enough to just reach out and grab what they wanted. Was I alone?

Turns out, no. The biggest compliment and turn on I got that day was seeing them all get rock hard immediately and tell me after the shoot how hot it was and that they’d never have considered it but loved it. That’s fucking hot!

Zack and Aaron started their sexy Aussie club on one side of the room, kissing and fondling each other’s junk through their clothes. Parker stripped out of his shirt as I panned around, as did Mason. I was so giddy seeing him through my lens for the first time. It was definitely a nice initiation for him. He sat next to fiancé Brian on the bed, who I could see was already hard and tenting in his track pants. He pulled his tank off as I took a gander at West and Avi, on the other end of my stage, making out and for the first time on GuyBone, showing off their scintillating sexual energy as husbands.

Parker joined the sexy Aussie club and helped Zack and Aaron out of their clothes. Brian and Mason pulled each other’s steel cocks out of their pants and started rubbing. West stripped and joined Mason and Brian on the bed, taking a handful of Brian’s big dick as Brian manhandled his partner. Avi stroked his hubby’s chubby and I suddenly realized I was hard as hell watching all these boned boys suck face and stroke dick.

The best part of the scene was how freely they all moved about. Constantly changing location, trying out new costars, presenting their pricks in new light. No one looked left out, everyone looked incredibly stimulated. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them watch each other. They’d be stroking one costar but looking across the room at what someone else was doing. Taking it all in. Very voyeuristic. Hot, hot times.

West and Mason were at the edge of the bed, really giving a great show. West bounced and snapped Mason’s super stiff, curved shaft while Mason tugged on West’s boner. West fondled Mason’s big balls and their furry, fit bodies lingered inches from each other, wanting so badly to go further, but remembering this was strictly a circle jerk. The tease of that got them even harder. Just a bunch of boys playing with themselves. Exploring. Beating off. Woof!

Aaron had his erection up against Brian’s on the bed, both in his palm, jerking them simultaneously. Zack fingered Avi’s hole. He’d been there before when they filmed their fuck scene, and he was clearly in need of a reprise. With everyone’s erections raging, it was a wonder I was able to keep them from fucking on the spot. But they were reserved and followed my request. Difficult as it was.

Mason had moved over to the chair with Parker and I was in heaven watching these two rub their big cocks and kiss sweetly. Nipple pinching ran rampant and the amount of body hair in the room was driving me wild with desire.

West, Aaron and Brian had an event going on the bed. Aaron fingered Brian while Brian licked and teased West’s furry taint. West stroked both their cocks and handed Brian’s big dick over to Aaron as he felt Brian’s tongue enter his hole. Then they switched it up and Aaron sat on West’s lap, stroking their shafts together facing me while Mason rustled West’s nuts. Brian had moved over to the desk and lubed his dick up with SPUNK so he could slide a sounding rod into his piss slit. A huge fan of sounding, I’d only filmed it once before, so I was elated when Brian asked if he could incorporate it into the circle jerk. As Mason, Aaron and West played with each other on the bed, Brian teased his own cock hole with the slick steel stick. Sounding may not be for everyone, but just take a peek at how hot it made Brian, how absolutely rock hard his dick got and how his face melted from the feeling of that rod in his rod.

Across the room, Avi had taken a seat next to Parker and I was all for these two shy guys finding each other. They felt one another’s furry bodies, they touched and stroked and made firm their dicks. They looked so damn sexy together, I was wishing I’d had more time to film them in a one on one fuck scene. The way they looked at each other and how they showed off for the other one and how their heavy breathing seemed to describe how good jerking off made them both feel. Aaron, Mason and West got busy on the bed while Zack joined Brian over at the sounding station for some sensual lip smacking.

When West joined his husband and Parker, I almost erupted in my shorts. The three of them rubbing and tugging was too much for my senses. They all looked so sexy together. And I was beside myself finally seeing Avi and West reveal what no one had seen on our site before. The two of them, side by side, rock hard couple, showing off their sexiness. Lucky Parker.

Then it was the entire group over to the bed for a true circle jerk. Bare feet and big dicks abound, all seven of their completely naked and aroused bodies, electric energy, gathered round the bed to enjoy themselves together. Spunk and spit on everyone’s shafts, West’s toes tickling Mason’s balls, this circle jerk was reaching its peak of perfection. You could feel the loads building up inside their balls. Each of them aching to explode fountains of cum.

Avi grabbed hold of Brian’s big dick and beat it furiously. I could have cum right then, seeing his perfect little tatted and toned body worshipping Brian’s well built, broad and hairy brut body. Pocket jerking porn star perfection. He and Zack devoured Brian’s nipples and kissed hard. Then I set the camera down underneath the circle of seven for the best shot you could hope for in a circle jerk.

As I was under them, looking up at these seven perfect specimens of men, relishing in the fact that I’d never had this many guys on camera at once before, seeing all their stiff dicks being stroked simultaneously, I nearly OD’d. It was intoxicating to watch all that perfection. And knowing they’d all come together because I asked them to, was as flattering as it was fucking hot. They kissed and spit on palms, gave their buds a helping hand, and wanked themselves all so wonderfully. If I wasn’t worried about ruining the camera, I’d have had them all cum on it right there in their testosterone filled huddle.

Alas, I didn’t want a milky lens, rather to spotlight each guy as he shot his load. And by this point, they were all pre cumming and begging to blow. Brian was up first, with West right on his tail. Brian emptied his sack into Avi’s hungry mouth and West, sent over the edge perhaps by seeing Brian give his hubby a taste of his seed, pumped out his own batch of boy batter that Mason rubbed along his shaft and cock head. Brian and West both urged Avi to lick the cum from their fingers and he obliged eagerly.

It was suddenly clear that Avi was the chosen cum dump and that he’d receive the rest of the loads. Nothing brought a smile to his face faster. Zack was next, jerking off his pierced cock onto Avi’s muscled pecs. He, too, gave Avi a taste from his fingers. Boy, Avi sure was getting his daily protein. Aaron edged Avi’s steel shaft as he masturbated his own. Then he moved up the bed so Avi could jerk him off to completion. Aaron sprayed his seed across Avi’s chest, reaching Zack on the other side. What a shooter! Then Mason released his payload, cumming across Avi’s dark pubes and all over his hand that was tucked neatly next to his balls. His thick, curved cock looked fantastic pumping that jizz out. Hearing the other men moan and encourage their buds to bust was incredibly hot. They all knew how good this felt and all wanted the rest to share in the ecstasy.

Parker painted Avi’s arm and added to the puddle of cum on his chest when he shot his load. Avi had held off til the very end and now that Parker had joined the cum club, he was free to release his seed. He nut on top of the cum pile and proved he was the right man to receive the bukkake. With a smile spread wide across his stached face, and with cheers from his six sexy costars, Avi ended the circle jerk a wet and sticky and satisfied pup.

And I got exactly what I’d always wanted, an insanely hot, electric circle jerk from seven of the sexiest GuyBone Guys we have! Thanks fellas, and thanks to all you viewers who made these 7 years possible! We wouldn’t be here without your support.

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Hot flip fuck for Jack Miles and Jay Davis

Jack and Jay went up to a room, and vape and fuck did they. I can’t describe how much the two of these guys are exactly my type. Straight, gay, bi, doesn’t matter, they were both in the room and smoking and horny. Snapbacks turned backwards like bros, dicks swelling inside jeans, clouds filling the room with a sweet scent, their beards bushy and bodies hairy. They’re perfection in my eyes. And now that Jack had felt his first cock up his ass thanks to a surprise ending to the scene where he topped Aaron, he was ready for more than just a tease. He wanted to flip fuck a full scene with another dude. And there was no dude more ready for the task at hand than furry pup Jay.

A few hits on the vape pen, some awkwardly sexy conversation, and some junk fondling through pants led to hot cloud kissing and a hop up to the bed where their clothes began to fall off and dicks began to poke out. Jack was first to taste a dick that day. He got Jay’s hairy, hard cock out of his boxer briefs and licked and sucked it gently and deeply. Jay face fucked him a bit then took his turn on Jack’s giant uncut cock.

Jack seized the opportunity to vape and blow smoke on Jay’s raging boner while he received stellar head from the pocket pup. They 69’d quickly and then Jack laid down for more face fucking. Seeing him worship another guy’s hardon with his mouth was intoxicating. They took turns pleasing each other orally, really working up those stiff dicks with the slurping.

Jay and Jack worked their cocks into a frenzy and I was in heaven watching these two stoner sk8r’s bro out on each other’s bodies. Jay bent Jack over in doggie and ate his hairy hole while showing off his own fur patch between sweaty cheeks. Their bare feet and big dicks were driving me wild. They switched spots and Jack rimmed Jay’s fuzzy ass. So hot seeing these boys explore.

Ready to sit on a very sizable dick, Jay lubed his tight, furry hole with SPUNK and climbed on top of Jack. His slippery uncut shaft teased the entrance to Jay’s wonderland before sliding inside, free of charge. Jay took a moment to get acclimated to the visitor inside his ass. Then he started riding it, bouncing beautifully on that behemoth boner. He squatted above Jack and showed off the full fucking as they screwed bareback. And I almost didn’t notice that Jay had slyly slipped his finger inside Jack’s ass to excite and ready him for the impending flip. He finger fucked his costar as he rode his cock. Woof!

Jay used Jack’s giant dick to pleasure himself. He bucked wildly on it, totally in control of the raw fuck. He knew what and how he wanted it, and Jack wasn’t complaining. Quite the opposite, he bit his lip and even gave Jay a helping hand while they humped. When they kissed, I thought I’d cum. It was too hot. Then it was time to flip.

Jack leaned over a chair and let Jay enter him from behind. All dick. All man. Jay fucked Jack hard and hurriedly. He couldn’t get enough of that sweet straight boy hole wrapped around his tool. He filled Jack completely and thrust forcefully but friendly. Jay’s loose nuts complimented Jack’s balls that were drawn tightly to his body. Both sets swung with the rhythm of the fucking though.

Jay was nowhere near done with Jack’s nearly untouched hole. They moved back to the bed and Jay topped Jack missionary. The whimpering look on Jack’s face as Jay entered his ass again was all too arousing. And the way Jay dominated that ass was sublime. He fucked fast and furious again, really giving it to Jack good. His thick, uncovered cock railed Jack’s tight back door, begging for more room to play in. Jack thought he’d try sitting on it to loosen up more. Smart boy. He fit Jay’s rock solid shaft inside him neatly and then jerked his own cock as he rocked back and forth on the big boner.

It wasn’t long before Jay took the reigns back, however. He thrust up into Jack’s ass, his low hangers banging against his bottom’s butt. Then they went back to missionary for the finale. Jay got close to cumming and pulled out long enough to squirt some seed on Jack’s hefty ballsack, then he plunged his prick back inside that warm hole to finish breeding his bro. Jack jerked his own dick madly, intent on joining his bud in ecstasy. Feeling the warm rush of nut in his ass, and the continued gliding of Jay’s steel cock, Jack reached orgasm with ease. He shot his load skyward like a fucking water cannon going off. It painted Jay’s dark happy trail and coated Jack’s hairy torso. Jay leaned over and lapped it up like a good pup, tasting some for himself and sharing the rest on his tongue in a sexy final kiss with Jack. Just two buds smoking, stroking, sucking and fucking. Tell me, what could be hotter?

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