Seth Chase and Aaron French have something new for you. And knowing them it must involve the insertion of sperm into their manholes. The Cum Club is more than promising in that respect, with tons of fresh jizz filling hairy faces and hairy assholes. Enjoy these new previews below!

Aaron milks Trace Lewis with his mouth

Trace Lewis is the latest guy to drop by and unload his nuts! Trace is a hot ex-military guy with a nice fat, uncut dick.

Aaron was eager to get his lips on Trace’s foreskin and work over his thick cock. Trace slips off his pants and Aaron goes to town sucking.

Trace loved having his balls licked and Aaron was happy to help him out. As Trace stroked his dick, Aaron munched on his balls.

Trace was just as happy having his unit in Aaron’s mouth. Aaron sucks as Trace rubs his cock. Trace really liked having Aaron on his cock as he stroked.

Aaron takes over with a hand and mouth blowjob which drove Trace crazy! He was so turned on by the mouth-hand bj, he had to bust his nut.

Aaron works on Trace just a little more and Trace lets Aaron know that he’s going to blow. Trace shoots a nice load right into Aaron’s mouth. Aaron doesn’t waist one drop and swallows the entire load.

Balls drained, cum swallowed… This is the Cum Club!

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Aaron sucks more bushy cock at the Cum Club

Anton is a hot 21 year-old guy that loves to have his cock sucked. Anton shares a little about his male-on-male experiences before the action starts. He was eager to get going so Aaron dropped to his knees and exposes Antonís thick cock surrounded by a full untrimmed man bush.

As Aaron sucked, Antonís hand finds itís way to the back of Aaronís head. He guides Aaronís sucking to go deep as he trusts his cock against his face.

Anton then relaxes by laying down on the bed. Aaron takes his place between his legs and continues to suck away.

Anton then asks for some rough pulling of his cock. He then wanted Aaron spit on his cock, over and over. Aaron was more than happy to fulfill his requests.

Aaron makes a mouth tour of Antonís package; leading his tongue up and down his hairy ball sack. Anton then lifts his legs so Aaron can munch on his furry butt hole.

Anton then wanted more aggressive spitting on his cock. With each spray of spit Aaron applied, Antonís hardon got more and more stiff. Anton wanted it aggressive and thatís exactly what Aaron delivered.

After some heavy sucking and spitting, Anton was ready to blast his load. With little warning, Anton yells, “here it comes!”. His first squirt of cum is a direct hit to Aaronís mouth. The rest lands on Aaron’s tongue and face. It wouldn’t be an “Aaron Blowjob” if he didn’t eat up all the cum; so he licks, slurps and swallows every drop of jizz!

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Seth Chase plays with a big dick and eats cum

Hayden is up from the city and eager to bust his nut.

Seth was really excited to get his chance to slob on Hayden’s knob. Hayden was just kickin’ back when Seth moves in and takes his pants down to get a good look at Hayden’s huge cock.

Hayden has quite the grin on his face just before Seth lands his lips on his cock. Seth takes the tour of Hayden’s junk with his mouth. Hayden asks Seth if his cock is big enough for him; Seth just giggles and continues to suck.

Hayden was loving the oral servicing. He loves having his hairy balls sucked on and Seth was enjoying munching on them.

Hayden stands up in front of Seth and slaps his meaty dick on Seth’s face. Seth bobs on his cock, relishing every inch of Hayden’s long and thick dick.

Seth gags down as much as he can in a deep-throat attempt; it’s really too big to fit down the average throat! Hayden grabs the back of Seth’s head and starts to ram his cock in and out giving him a tonsil pounding he’ll feel for days. He jams his cock so hard that Seth gags and has to come up for a breather!

Back to the sofa as Hayden lays back and Seth continues to munch on his cock. Seth speeds things up when Hayden tells him to suck his big cock. His thick dick was so hard as Seth sucked and stroked like crazy trying to get it to explode.

Seth senses Hayden is on the edge of busting positions himself just right. Hayden spurts a huge wad of cum straight into Seth’s mouth.

Cum keeps shooting out of Hayden’s dick head and runs down his shaft. A giant cock unleashing warm white cum is really a beautiful sight. Seth goes in for more and sucks it all down. He slurps, licks and swallows every last drop of jizz.

Hayden’s facial expressions are priceless as he watches Seth lick up and swallow his load. He appears stunned and amazed at what is happening.

Seth takes Hayden’s cock back in his mouth and sucks out the last droplets of semen. Hayden is completely drained.

This big cock cum eating video is sure to be a favorite of any and all cum swallowing fans!

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More bukkake fun for Seth Chase

A cum lover’s dream come true! Sucking cock while blindfolded with men lined up, ready to blow their loads down the cocksucker’s throat. Multiple anonymous loads at once! Could it get any better than this?

Young, old, thin or thick, average Joe or drop dead gorgeous. It’s all about eating and swallowing as much semen and sperm as possible.

Seth does a great job sucking off these three strangers. On his knees with cocks slapping him in the face, you can tell he’s really eager to get all the loads into his body.

Seth works all three cocks. Edging each guy closer and closer to spurting their loads.

When the guys are ready to bust their nut, Seth positions himself to catch the ropes of cum right in his mouth. Not being able to see makes this a challenge he’s eager to take on. The first guy starts to unload. Seth can feel the droplets of cum land on his face. He opens his mouth wide making sure to get some of the jizz in his mouth.

The second dude starts erupting and Seth is better positioned to catch this load. He gets most of it in his mouth and swallows before sucking the cum out of the dude’s shaft. This load is especially tasty and he makes sure to get another squirt of cum down his throat.

Time for the third load! Seth releases the cock from the second dude and is ready for more. The third dude steps up and unloads in Seth’s mouth. Seth swallows and takes the dripping cock in his mouth. He then takes the other cocks in his mouth being sure to suck out any remaining droplets of semen.

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Seth and Aaron fuck and breed like horny pigs

Aaron is down in town running some errands and ran into this hot, hairy ski bum. After chatting a bit, it’s clear he’s perusing the mountain town for a quick load. Aaron suggested they surprise Seth back at the house. He explains that Seth is always down for planting his big load in a furry, cum-hungry hole. They head back to the house. As soon as they arrive, Aaron tells the dude to get naked and pop his ass in the air while he fetches Seth from upstairs. Seth comes downstairs and is super excited to see this dude ready and waiting for a load.

Seth wastes no time, gets his cock nice and hard and proceeds to mount this hot fucker. Uh oh, this may not be an easy oneÖ Seth struggles a bit to get his cock in. This dude has a really, really tight fuck hole. It’s like he’s never been fucked before. Seth tries a few times again. Holy shit! Seth gets his cock in and it feels like the dude’s ass is clamped down. Seth goes slow trying to loosen up the hole. Nope. For a minute Seth thinks this may not happen. But damn, with a dude wanting a load literally on the tip of his dick, Seth is going to do whatever it takes to deliver a load inside this dude’s ass! Seth keeps working away on this dude’s hole.

Seth squeezes a bunch of pre-cum out of his shaft & uses his fingers to coat the ski bum’s hole with the clear, slippery natural lube. Seth mounts him again, and this time, the pre-cum does the trick. He’s able to get all the way in. Yes! It’s still really tight, but totally doable. Anyone who’s been fuck by Seth Chase knows, he’s not going to stop until you get his seed deep inside you. Knowing someone this tight may not be able to take a lot of thrusting, Seth eases in and after a few minutes of gentle fucking, he’s able to go in deeper and deeper.

With the sole goal of planting his load, Seth gets ready to unleash his semen. Just as the cum starts to flow, he pulls out & shoots the first stream of cum on the dude’s pulsating hole. Seth then sticks his cock back in. The sensation of pushing his jizz into this hairy hole is amazing! The rest of the load spurts out of Seth’s cock deep into this Tight Fucker’s ass. Seth thrusts a few times making sure his DNA is planted and there to stay. With his ass getting filled with Seth’s huge load, this Tight Fucker shoots his own load all over his hairy belly. Hot as fuck!

Seth pulls out and his cock glistens with butt-juice and cum. The load starts oozing out of this Tight Fucker’s ass. Aaron, still holding the camera, plays with some of the load and pushes it back toward the leaking fuck hole.

This hairy Tight Fucker got exactly what he wanted, a big creamy load, deep inside his guts. This was one nice surprise for Seth too!

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