We’re feeling very twinky today. And that’s a good thing cause French Twinks have released a few new scenes with some of the hottest big dicked young men out there. A lot of oral and anal pleasure is on the menu, together with huge facial cumshots.

Jules Laroche covers Erwan Lamour with all his cum

Erwan Lamour invites Jules Laroche to play the “Touch My Body Challenge”. Jules is blindfolded and Erwan points his partner’s finger at a part of his body that he needs to recognize. Of course we did not expect our hot twink to stay wise and quickly he puts the hand of Jules in his boxer… and then in his ass!

Erwan is lying on his back, legs apart and Jules enjoys a bird’s eye view of his little hole. Our stallion doesn’t resist this invitation and then begins to suck Erwan while pushing a finger in his tight ass. The twink moans loudly and Jules takes confidence, he introduces two fingers, then three and even four. Erwan screams but seems to enjoy this half fist and his anus opens slowly. After a good anal job Jules penetrates Erwan and the simple sound of his scream when the monster cock of Jules penetrates him tell a lot about the intensity of the fucking session that will follow.

Jules is more dominant than ever and will pound the delicious ass of Erwan wildly, without being afraid of the shouts of his partner. Exhausted by the effort Jules takes a break to get sucked and regain strength. Once ready for the final assault Jules lengthens Erwan on the back and fuck him with all his energy. Erwan screams again and loudly and Jules retires to come to spurt his hot semen on his face.

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Xavier Sibley gets fucked by Enzo Lemercier

After having started in porn as an exclusive actor at French Twinks and shot a lot of videos, Xavier Sibley left to live in England. We are pleased to welcome him back to our studios for a very special office job.

His mission? Do some administrative work to discreetly get closer to our new actors. While Enzo Lemercier walks by the hall of our studios, Xavier calls him while pretexting some papers to fill out to be able to admire the beautiful blond more closely and to plunge his glance in his blue eyes.

The two boys are watching each other and then kiss passionately. Xavier gets up from his chair and leads Enzo with him to undress him and caress his hairless body. Quickly, Enzo is on his knees sucking Xavier’s big cock who’s moaning with pleasure. The twink applies and his blowjob seems divine. Then it’s Xavier’s turn to give Enzo the courtesy and to suck him in deep throat. More and more excited the two beautiful males cannot wait and Enzo lies Xavier on the desk to fuck him.

The position is uncomfortable but no matter, the desire is stronger and Enzo is pounding Xavier with all his energy. At the same time he pushes his cock in the ass of his partner, Enzo introduces his fingers in his mouth, pulls hum by the hair and totally submits him to his wishes.

Exhausted butsatiated Enzo and Xavier continue to fuck on a high stool, alternating powerful fucking and deep back and forth. To finish in style their hard fucking session, Enzo ejaculates on the face of Xavier who cums a few seconds later still covered with sperm and sweat.

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Jules Laroche plays with a dildo and makes his big dick cum all over his own face

If you recently discovered our new model Jules Laroche, you naturally appreciated his huge cock and his performance as top but you surely have noticed also his pretty little ass!

The twink has never tested the joys of anal pleasure and today the curiosity and excitement of discovery pushes him to take a first step towards versatility.
Jules tries on underwear in his room and every time he gets naked in front of the mirror his erection hardens. It’s therefore quite natural that the hairless twink will calm his ardor by offering a little hand-job break in bed.

As he’s jacking off, Jules begins to titillate his tight hole and introduces a finger. The twink continues his discovery by inserting a second, then a third finger into his anus before putting a large pen in there.

During the back and forth Jules relaxes, his hole expands and he seems to enjoy. The young guy is more and more daring and he really wants to know what his bottom partners feel. He then grabs a dildo and slowly penetrates his virgin ass. This is a real first time and the introduction is painful. Jules grimaces and moans loudly but he manages to fully absorb the toy.

Tenacious and determined to continue his experience, he takes the dildo for several minutes and ends his experience tilted on the back to ejaculate in his own mouth to taste his tasty boy juice.

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French twinks Erwan Lamour and Alexis Tivoli make “l’amour”

After a festive evening Alexis Tivoli wakes up on side of the adorable Erwan Lamour. The two boys are in underwear in the bed and Alexis just opening his eyes discovers Erwan’s erection in his underwear. Alexis begins to jack off quietly to wake up his buddy and while admiring Erwan in his sleep, he puts a hand on his chest and caresses the twink.

Impossible for Alexis to resist the temptation. He slides a hand in Erwan’s pants and palpates his hard cock. The twink remains asleep and Alexis while wanking licks Erwan’s nipples who’s shuddering with pleasure. His lips slide gently towards Erwan’s crotch and he takes out his stiff cock from his panties to start sucking.

Alexis sucks Erwan still asleep and then moves his mouth up along his body until to kiss his lips. This delightful surprise awakens Erwan who has a smug smile. The two boys kiss passionately then Alexis pushes his long cock in the mouth of the twink while starting to play with his little hole. His mouth filled with Alexis’ cock, Erwan moans with pleasure as Alexis’s fingers play with his tight anus.

Alexis knows that his young partner isvery experienced and he will take the necessary time to prepare his ass before fucking it. Alternating fingering and expert rimming Alexis relaxes Erwan who’s now ready to taste his cock.

The young twink gets fucked in depth and the more he screams more Alexis gives energy to make him feel the full extent of his sex skills. Erwan shudders and groans noisily, he never seemed to have felt such sensations.

The two twinks are breathless butyet completely exhausted continue to fuck and it’s now Erwan who rides the dick of Alexis until he cums. A few seconds later Alexis retires and squirts on the balls of Erwan a good dose of sperm that he spreads over his body.

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