In bating mode? No problem, we’ve got exactly what you need. Sit back, relax, and put on our ultimate bator playlist. GayBator has selected 15 of the best masturbation tracks out there just for you. If your cock doesn’t get hard and you’re don’t find yourself bating madly when listening to this, we’ll send you a free bottle of fresh cum we’ve collected while bating to these tracks to help you 😉

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1) BatorPower: “Bator Worship”

We start with a cock worshipping track that’ll definitely put you in the mood to get started with your favorite activity. BatorPower’s track starts pretty relaxed and sounds of a wet cock being bated real good get added to it until it all accelerates to reach the final explosion.

Best line: “I worship the one true God, the one that made me male.”

2) Rocky869: “Penis Masturbation”

Ok, now we’re getting serious. The word “penis” will surely be the most often pronounced word throughout this playlist, and you’d better get used to it. This electronic track and its entraining beat will get you going with your own parts.

Best line: “I’m so addicted to masturbation.”

3) MarloMusic: “Jerk Dat DICK”

We go rap for this one and if you ain’t jerking it, you’d better get started now, as MarloMusic really wants you to jerk it! A short catchy track that stops just as an unintended ejaculation happens. Oops? Did you cum? Jerk it again!

Best line: “You got a dick? Let me see you jerk it.”

4) DJ TRASHpOrn: “Boy Boner 2”

DJ TRASHpOrn is horny and yeah, that cock is fucking stiff! A trashy beat for a trashy meat, this track is as hot as a big stiff dick ready to squirt. Be ready for a lot of “cock” and a lot of “dick”!

Best line: “You’re gonna jerk off to my fucking dick?”

5) Muscle & Cock: “Penis Pleasure”

Follow the low low, really low voice of the Muscle & Cock masturbator and give yourself some penis pleasure. In love with your own dick? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Enjoy it and worship that enormous rigid dong of yours!

Best line: “Such a perfect fucking cock.”

6) Slick Rick Da’ Master: “I Gotta Big Dick”

You’ll find a few track on SoundCloud with that now infamous “I got a big dick” sample. We like this entraining one, although you may argue that it’s not a masturbation track as such… Well, wouldn’t you be jerking it constantly if you ever gotta big dick?

Best line: “IgotaIgotaIgotaIgota big dick.”


More of a real goon bate session audio track than bating music as such, here’s sort of an interlude with brotherb8r who’s obviously at the height of penis horniness. Let the gooners goon!

Best line: “Fucking penis, fucking penis man.”

8) Bate Nation w/ Coach Wank: “Bate Nation”

Bate Nation is next with a short rap just to kindly indicate to us that a huge cum explosion is very near us. Short and hot as it should be, when you need to bust, you need to bust!

Best line: “My nuts are full of semen. Best believe I’m releasin’. And if you try to stop me, in your face I’m gonna be skeetin’.”

9) Richardsdicks: “Hard Penis Fun (Remix)”

We’re back to the penis-cock-dick trio of words that are looping through this track. Obsessed with cock we all are, and this is how mesmerized you can get by the love of the male member. You’ll get hard in no time.

Best line: “I’m gonna jack off till the sun comes up.”

10) cockpriest: “Masturbate Masturbate Penis”

Not so many best lines to choose from in this one 😉 The cockpriest has spoken and your worship time can start. One of the most engaging penis-themed electronic tracks out there.

Best line: “Holy wizard penis.”

11) Mge Yung Jd: “Beat That DICK (FREESTYLE)”

We’re back in the hip-hop section of the masturbation madness playlist. Why ever fuck when you can beat that dick and get a kick? We like a guy who admits it!

Best line: “No I don’t wanna fuck. All I wanna do is beat that dick.”

12) SSkin88TS: “Deep in My Dick”

Certainly one of the most popular bating tracks on SoundCloud and a very hot one indeed. A good beat, some horny moans, and the sexy voice of a man who’s deep deep into his own dick. What else could we wish for? Beat stops, he moans as fuck, beat is back, and he beats it.

Best line: “Love my dick.”

13) YO:3: “Masturbate That Big Big Penis”

You’ll find two versions of this track by YO:3. One with the voice over emphasized and one with the music emphasized. But let’s face it, we’re too horny for the music and just want to hear that hot distorted male voice do some hot penis improvisation.

Best line: “Penis penis penis penis penis penis penis.”

14) hitoshinka: “stroke that cock”

hitoshinka brings you some good rhythm to follow while you’re going up and down on your erect rod. And yes, it does feel fucking good! And if you unexpectedly cum in the middle of the track, you have no choice, you’ve got to keep stroking!

Best line: “Feels so fucking good.”

15) lthrbtmboi 4.0: “Fuck Yeah”

Made of hot samples of men vocalizing their bating, this is the perfect track to end on as you approach climax. And when you do so, you’ll hopefully pronounce the magic sentence yourself. Fuck yeah!

Best line: “Fuck yeah!”

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What’s your favorite? Any other suggestions? Let us know by leaving a comment below.