Here’s a young man with an irresistible smile and an irresistible butt! Jackson Reed is busy with studies but has been so kind to find time for an exclusive interview with GayBator. Jackson’s return to porn is a real success and we’re happy to see him back in some of the hottest recent scenes at Gay Room, Guys In Sweatpants, Men, Southern Strokes, and Young Perps, among other hot studios. Jackson is a sporty cutie who knows what he likes. Read on to find out
about his interests, his view on life, and very importantly, how to turn him on!

Jackson Reed InterviewName: Jackson Reed
Age: 27
Height: 165 cm (5’5″)
Weight: 68 kg (150 lbs)
Cock size: 18 cm (7″)
Position: Vers/Bottom
Based in: Los Angeles, USA
Languages spoken: English
Twitter: @JacksonReedXXX

Jackson Reed interview:

GB: Hey Jackson! How are things for you these days? Any big plans for the summer?

Jackson: Things are busy these days, balancing school with work and it’s a little tough. I have a few vacations planned, nothing too crazy big, but we will see!

GB: Busy is better than bored hehe 😉 Well, if you could travel anywhere around the world right now, which destination would you pick and what would you do there?

Jackson: Australia! And my dream would be to swim with great whites in the Great Barrier Reef, I have always loved the ocean and everything in it.

If you could travel anywhere around the world right now, which destination would you pick and what would you do there?GB: Sounds fantastic indeed! Are you more a morning or an evening person?

Jackson: I tend to be more of an evening person, I hate getting out of bed in the morning…

GB: We know the feeling… Ok let’s get to business 😉 What time of the day do you usually get horny the most? And what do you do about it?

Jackson: I am horny all the time, I usually wake up by jacking off. Best way to get the blood flowing! Then after I get to the gym and have worked up a nice sweat, I start looking for guys who might be equally horny in the locker room. If no one really catches my eye, I usually call up a buddy or two locally. And for some reason, as soon as I get home and relaxed, I need to rub another one out! So it ends up being an all day affair for me 😉

GB: Wow! Here at GayBator we see horniness as a sign of good health 🙂 When was the last time you had sex and how was it?

Jackson: Last time I had sex was Friday, it could have been better… So today I am actually fucking his friend, already set this one up for after the gym.

GB: We’ve seen you play with quite some big ones on screen. What’s so good about cock?

Jackson: What isn’t?! I Love the feel of the soft skin against my lips, the smooth head, the veins popping out, the balls slapping my face or ass, and of course the delicious little treat it always offers.

GB: How do you like your cock served? 😉 Clean, natural, dirty?…

Jackson: Preferably clean, but will go natural too. Especially at the gym!

GB: Hot! What parts of a man’s body turn you on the most?

Jackson: Chest and arms! I want to be able to squeeze your chest when I’m riding you and I want you to hold me down and choke me just by flexing your big ‘ole arms!

GB: Any turn offs?

Jackson: Smoking and narcissism. Smoking tobacco is just not smart and stinks, and narcissists make my dick drop just as fast. Just be nice!

GB: Which parts of your own body do you like the best and the least?

Jackson: My thighs are my best feature, I was always a very active kid and by nature have developed very strong legs. And my chest, it is much smaller than I want it to be. But I am working on it!Jackson Reed Interview

GB: I can see a recurrent chest theme there 😉 Rest assured though, we love your chest as it is! So what would you say is the best way to have sex?

Jackson: Spontaneous and rough! If it’s in public, that just makes it better 🙂

GB: I see 🙂 Any favorite positions, fetishes and fantasies?

Jackson: I love riding, but I also love being controlled and flipped on my knees and choked, or flipped on my back and really plowed and slapped a little. If you haven’t already picked up on it, I love the bondage and slapping/choking a lot. So that’s a fetish of mine. I have this “cheating” fantasy, I love those almost getting caught type porno’s. So my fantasy would be at my wedding, to be secretly fucked by each one of my grooms’ men one by one throughout the entire day. Till finally, the preacher blessing me in his own way… I’m getting hard thinking about it!Jackson Reed Interview

GB: We wish you lots of blessings, on your wedding day but also on other occasions! Talking about “blessings”, where would you say is the best place to cum?

Jackson: I love cumming on my face or my chest so I can eat it.

GB: Very understandable 😉 We’d love to see more of that on camera hehe. Can you describe your wildest sex experience ever for us?

Jackson: Me and my boyfriend met this couple friends of ours one night. We are drinking and having a great time, we head back to their place and continue to drink. The one boyfriend falls asleep, and so naturally, the remaining three of us start fooling around. With all the alcohol however my boyfriend is not able to stay awake, so he ends up passing out with the other boyfriend. Me and the one guy keep going in the bedroom, until we hear some noises coming from the living room. Turns out while I was fucking the one boyfriend, the other boyfriend woke up and started fucking my boyfriend. We all finish with our respective partners, then in the morning they come in from the living room and we all do it one more time together in the bedroom.

GB: Do I recognize the cheating fantasy there? 😉 If you could choose who to have sex with right now, who would that be?

Jackson: Billy Santoro. Always been a fan of his and plan to definitely have him fuck me soon.

GB: Looking forward to seeing this! So how did you get into porn and what did make you go for it?

Jackson: I was 19, fresh in college, and honestly just wanted to see if I could do it. Luckily, I could 🙂

GB: We can only confirm that you can! What do you like best in the adult business and what do you like the least?

Jackson: I love getting to travel and getting to meet new people, but that can be the worst part at the same time. Depending on the people you meet, you might be impressed. Goes back to the narcissistic question.

GB: Do people sometimes recognize you on the street and how is it like?

Jackson: They are very sweet and come up and hug me! I have always said, if you see me and know me please come say hi! I will never get angry and I will never turn you away.

GB: We could hug you forever haha! And now a tough one, but everyone gets it 😉 Can you describe your first sexual experience? How was it?Jackson Reed Interview

Jackson: It was with my step brother, I was very very young. And he was slightly older, couple years. We started by cuddling and we grind on each other, never kissed, but it did shift to naked cuddling, to touching, to sucking, and ultimately fucking. Our parents eventually caught us, and no lie, parents divorced and his father sent him to military school.

GB: Must have been tough! Apart from shooting porn, what are your favorite activities?

Jackson: I love sports; gymnastics, swimming, soccer, football, hiking, knee-boarding/wake-boarding, skiing, obstacle runs! Anything really outside!

Jackson Reed InterviewGB: A very active guy! Do you have exciting upcoming projects you’d like to announce?

Jackson: Nothing at the moment! But keep an eye out, you might see a thing or two pop up!

GB: Will do. What are your dreams in life?

Jackson: I want to be a nurse one day for children with cancer. If I could I would live in Australia in a heartbeat. But the US is ok for now 🙂

GB: Sounds like achievable dreams. We wish you to fulfil them one day! Are you in love at the moment?

Jackson: I’m in love with my school lol It’s a very strong love/hate relationship right now.

GB: Hahaha. Keep it strong! Talking about relationships, are you single?

Jackson: I have a daddy, Tyler Reed, he’s been around the block a time or two 😉

GB: All the best and lots of love to both of you! Thank you Jackson for taking the time to answer our questions.

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