One of our favorite Cocky Boys is back with a couple of sensual scenes. Calvin Banks is beautifully versatile and takes and gives without hesitation in these three new scenes with Ethan Slade, Adam Ramzi and Troy Accola.

Calvin Banks fucks Ethan Slade

While in New Orleans, shooting ALL SAiNTS, Calvin Banks meets up with super sexy (and charming) local boy Ethan Slade! Ethan is happy to show Calvin around, and teaches him about the city’s unique culture and local lingo. It’s this language lesson which brings the guys even closer and leads to their first kiss. Ethan soft lips and warm mouth are soon on Calvin’s cock and taking him deep. Calvin is almost lost in the pleasure but soon, in between some increasingly passionate kissing, he puts Ethan in the same dreamy state by playing with his sensitive hole.

Calvin turns his attention to Ethan’s cock and gives him some deep-throated oral pleasure while admiring his ripped body. And yet he’s drawn back to Ethan’s ass which he rims and fingers again as the sexy young man bends over. Soon they’re both wanting the same thing: Calvin’s cock inside Ethan. With some prodding from Calvin, Ethan opens up for him and works his hole on Calvin’s thrusting cock. Their synchronized sexual dynamic continues as Ethan sits on Calvin’s cock and rides him hard as Calvin thrusts in deep.

The momentum slows slightly when Ethan lies back and Calvin lovingly sucks his cock before slowly entering him again. Once Calvin’s cock finds that sweet spot inside Ethan he switches into high gear. The vocal and dominant dynamo pounds away and soon grips Ethan’s cock to pump out a huge load that covers his torso. Before Ethan catches his breath Calvin pulls out and shoots his massive load that gives Ethan a long distance facial and anther costing of cum on his body. They kiss again and Calvin shows him he’s learned a little lingo from his sexy tutor.

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Cocky Boys

Calvin Banks opens up for professor and priest Adam Ramzi

On an windy, bitter cold snowy day a familiar face trudges across the drifts on a quest. Although it’s hidden by the snow, the searcher thinks he has found the place he’s been seeking and sudden atmospheric phenomena seemingly provide the confirmation. But something is dreadfully amiss and the seeker is caught in a whirlpool of terror. And so it begins…

In New Orleans Adrian (Calvin Banks) over sleeps and rushes out the door, walking briskly through quaint neighborhoods on his way to class. He stops only once at the gates of a cemetery when he thinks he catches a glimpse of someone. Adrian moves on, unaware that the hidden figure watches him as he walks away. Adrian arrives at the tail end of the religious lecture conducted by a professor & priest (Adam Ramzi) and proceeds to shine, in spite of being late. Nevertheless, after class the professor re-establishes his authority by sternly chastising Adrian for his tardiness.

Later, Adrian learns from a fellow student, Troy Accola, that he’s rumored to be having an affair with the professor. Taken back Adrian corrects the record by telling the story of his meeting the professor in NYC more than a year before. On the street, eager fan Adrian gets the professor/author to sign his book and winds up being invited to his hotel room. Their intellectual discussion connects their minds while an impulsive kiss from Adrian (Calvin Banks) initiates their physical bond. As Adrian reminisces he wistfully tells the student, “It was the best day of my life.”

At first the priest is hesitant, but once Adrian removes his collar his mild-mannered demeanor turns to unfettered passion. Pressed up against the wall they kiss breathlessly as they undress and priest Adam’s passion burns brighter when he takes out fan Calvin’s cock and low hangers. The priest kisses Adrian’s creamy-skinned body and sucks him, savoring every inch. Returning the favor Adrian gives the priest deep-throated pleasure he may not have known before.The newly emboldened man puts Adrian on his back to play with his ass every which way he can while continuing to feast on his cock and balls.

Soon the professor has fully resumed his authority and fucks Adrian in a variety of positions and as he does they’re progressively bound even closer. As he thrusts deeply into him on his back professor Adam and Adrian are almost locked together. But Adrian (Calvin Banks) desires to ride his cock and almost right after he begins his cock explodes volleys of cum over the priest’s chest face. Very soon after he shoots his own heavy load and Adrian is right there to lick his cum and sensitive cock head. In the afterglow they chat again and Adrian casually utters a surprising revelation…

Meanwhile another familiar face sleeps and dreamis with flashing visions of what is to come …or what has already transpired. And a softly whispered voice instructs him to “wake up”!

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Cocky Boys

Beautiful flip-fuck for Calvin Banks and Troy Accola

Troy Accola makes his long-awaited Cocky Boys debut and there’s no one better to welcome him than Calvin Banks. They have a history together on camera and off and now get a chance for a more exciting redux…with Troy now more sexually confident and open to more options. Calvin lies back as Troy affectionately makes out with him and travels down to open his jeans and lovingly suck it. Knowing what to expect, they’re naked very quickly with Calvin energetically sucking Troy’s cock and eagerly setting the course of action. Calvin first sets in motion a variation on a 69 so he can get face fucked…and get a taste of Troy’s hole.

With their passion running high Troy gets on his knees for some deep-throat face fucking. An impressed Calvin is soon drawn back to familiar territory: Troy’s smooth tight hole. He fingers it and he barely rims him before Troy is begging to be fucked…a plea that Calvin grants quickly. He buries his cock in to the hilt and easily puts Troy into obvious bliss. With a little nudging from Calvin, Troy works his hole on his cock…which Calvin subsequently thrusts in deeper and harder. Troy moans, “no one fucks like you” and soon enough Calvin is ready to live up to that praise.

Putting Troy on his back Calvin plunges in again to find that sweet spot with knowledgeable precision. Pressed together tightly so that they can kiss and speak intimately with one another Calvin drives Troy to the edge. BUT, before they get there Troy wants his turn to give Calvin the same deep pleasure. Calvin flips and starts riding Troy’s cock and a confident Troy thrusts in deep…and in control. As Calvin rides him Troy slides his fist over Calvin’s long, thick cock and almost effortlessly makes him explode in a cum geyser. Calvin then finger fucks Troy as he jacks off his own cum fountain and proves to Troy “I always know how to find your spot”. Welcome to CockyBoys, Troy!

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Cocky Boys

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