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Hot flip-flop fuck for amateur guys Jonas and Roman

Jonas Drift’s first scene today… with Roman Tate. He’s a bit nervous about it, but Roman and Jonas have been hanging out for a couple days, so the guys are already comfortable with each other. That’s always the magic ingredient in a good scene. The guys haven’t just walked onto a set and met each other, they’ve been hanging out, staying at the same house and getting to be “Bros” before a dick goes in a butt.

After just a bit of kissing, Roman pulls off Jonas’ pants and a big hard dick pops out in his face. Jonas doesn’t take any time to start telling him how he likes his dick sucked. Jonas has a smooth, ripped body but we get a bit of a glimpse of his hairy pits. It’s not long before Jonas wants some dick and he’s down on his knees getting off Roman’s pants. Roman is in that “hanging heavy” stage but 10 seconds in Jonas’ mouth, and he’s at full mast.

If Jonas is still nervous… we can’t tell.

Roman and Jonas have similar bodies. Both long, lean, compact, ripped and smooth.

“You wanna taste this ass before you fuck it?” asks Roman.

Yes. He does.

Jonas buries his tongue in Roman’s VERY hairy ass crack while gripping his butt. He can’t wait to get that dick in his hole. “Get me nice a wet before you fuck me… spit on it… go deep.” Roman takes charge here. “Fuck me… I want that cock.”

Jonas is one of those guys who goes into a bit of a trance when he’s fucking. He started slow, but pretty soon he was slamming his dick in and out of Roman’s hole. Jonas fucks Roman and then out of nowhere he slows down and says “you know what…. you wanna fuck me?”

We weren’t planning on that. But Roman is up for the job. His dick gets rock hard and he slides into Jonas’ butt and let’s him have it. As Roman slams in and out, Jonas grabs the side of the bed and holds on. This was a ride he wasn’t planning on taking but he’s clearly enjoying it.

Third position… Jonas riding Roman’s dick. The smile on his face is BIG. It hurts just a bit but in that “good” way. Slow at first… but then Jonas dow that thing we call “the Jack Rabbit” while he bobs up and down on Roman’s cock.

“Can’t wait to hit it from behind… I just wanna bend you over,” Roman says…

Fourth position… Roman gets Jonas on all fours, fucking him hard and fast. Jonas has that “barely hanging on” face but Roman isn’t slowing down. Looks like our bottom has become a top.

“Gonna cum soon,” Roman says… his dick swells cum thickness and he pulls his dick out and cums on Jonas’ butt. Jonas seems to be just catching his breath while Roman’s huge load shoots FAR up his back… but once he feels it… that huge smile is back.

Roman lays Jonas down on his back and sucks out a load. He lets Jonas cum in his mouth and lets it drip down the sides.

And THAT is where we find out that Jonas has never bottomed. He was a bit nervous is was going to hurt but he clearly liked it (and so did Roman in his new role as top).

“It felt like a virgin’s ass, that’s for sure.”

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Mathieu and Gio fuck and cum big

Mathieu Sire and Gio Lockwood had already spent a few days hanging out and laughing, so by the time we got them together in front of the cameras, they already had inside jokes, were already finishing each other’s sentences and clearly had some great chemistry. They were already best friends. We knew this was going to be a good scene.

Gio is short. He’s 5’5” and Mathieu is 6’3”. But Gio was going to be topping. So we decided that… “we’ll see how this goes.”

Once we told them to get going… they just went. They’d been waiting for this to happen since they first met a few days before and once the moment was there, they went for it. But yeah.. the laughing and joking around with each other continued. It’s fun to watch guys who get along that well together.

“I’m going to try to not send you home with hickies,” Mathieu says, “what would your mother say?”

Matt pops out Gio’s thick, HARD uncut dick and starts sucking. Gio’s muscular ass starts to flex and we see just how ripped he is. As usual, you get a really good view of the action. We know what you want to see and we make sure you get to see it.

Gio gets Mathieu over on all fours and buries his face in that tight ass. Mathieu LOVES his hole eaten out, so this bit works really well. Gio rolls him over to suck his already-leaking dick and tells him “I can’t wait to fuck your ass.”

Gio is beefy and smooth, Mathieu is long and lean but really hairy. Their body types look great together. Mathieu first sits down on Gio’s dick and lets himself get jack hammered by that thick uncut dick. Gio rams his dick up into Mathieu’s ass with that look of determination you get on a guy that LOVES to fuck. Matthieu just lets him go for it. Mathieu’s dick is hard as a rock and leaking precum while he gets fucked.

Position 2: “Can I fuck you from behind?”

Gio buries himself balls-deep in Mathieu’s hole and slams in hard again and again. Gio’s round bubble butt and his ripped chest and abs look amazing here.

Mathieu’s dick stays hard while his hole gets pounded hard.

Gio rolls Mathieu over on his back and slides his dick in. They’re finally face to face and Matthieu’s dick is still pulsing hard. Gio keeps telling him how tight his asshole is. Mathieu can’t hold on any more and he blows a BIG load all over his hairy abs. It’s not long before Gio pulls out his dick and blows his load out on Mathieu’s.

During the post-game interview, both guys are still hard as rocks and laughing their heads off together. We have a feeling that these guys are going to be back together again off screen.

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Amateur threesome gives intense pleasure

A hot 3-way with Collin topping Caden and Alex “and if they’re lucky, they might get to top me.”

Collin really shows off his Alpha status in this one. It’s a 3-way, but make no mistake, this is all about Collin making himself the center of attention of the other two.

These guys were all really into each other, so there wasn’t much instruction that had to happen. We just let the action happen.

Alex says that he’s looking forward to bottoming for Collin “cuz I like muscle guys.” The three guys hint that they maybe had some fun together the night before, and once the action starts, there’s no holding back. Caden goes right for Collin’s dick.

“I want YOU guys to pleasure ME,” Collin tells them. He’s taking control of the guys, telling them what to do and how he wants it done. Collin lays back and lets the two young men worship his body. He’s really getting off on being the center of attention of these guys. Their mouths are all over every inch of his chest, dick and ass.

“Which one of you wants to get fucked first?” Collin asks. Caden says “ME.”

Collin slowly slides his dick in Caden’s hole and stretches it just a bit before slamming his dick deeper and deeper in. Caden takes a bit of time to get used to it, but once he does, he’s enjoying the ride.

Collin gets Caden on his back so we have some really good camera angles of the fucking. Alex’s dick stays rock hard the whole time from fucking Caden’s mouth. He knows he’s next.

Alex wants to get fucked “doggie” first. He gets down on all fours and Collin slides his dick in. “You’re so tight,” Collin tells him, “just relax.” Once he’s in, Collin ramps up the speed and really lets him have it.

Collin gets Alex to ride his dick while Caden sucks his dick. We see those amazing abs of his popping out while Alex rides him.

Alex and Caden them get down to suck the cum out of Collin. Collin blows a bit load… but it’s not over yet.

Now it’s time for Collin to get fucked. Caden goes first, fucking Collin on his back. Caden fucks him until he blows a load on Collin’s abs and then it’s Alex’s turn. Even though Collin’s been getting fucked, Alex’s big dick pushes Collin to his limit. “You like that big dick in your ass, muscle boy?” Yeah… Alex is now having some fun taunting Collin… and Collin is loving it. Tell him “you can cum all over my ass if you want to.”

And he does.

This is the perfect way to end the year. Three hot young men having some naked fun together. Everyone got fucked and everyone blew a big load. Happy New Year.

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