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In Case 1712012-84, this tiny, twink, straight boy gets busted trying to sneak out a bottle of wine without paying for it. He’s not even old enough to drink! The Loss Prevention Officer can see how scared the boy is, leading him to warn him about the dangers of a criminal record. Desperate to avoid any charges, the nervous boy agrees to do whatever the officer says–even suck his big, thick cock! Soon the reluctant teenager is getting fucked hard and raw by this power hungry mall cop!

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The holidays are known as a time for giving, but for some bad apples, it’s also a time for taking. This young man walked into a department store, backpack ready, thinking he could get in and out with a couple holiday gifts. He wasn’t smart enough, however, to know that stores are on high alert for such activity. While detained, the young man tried to outsmart the Loss Prevention Officer by hiding the stolen items in his own interrogation room! Too bad for the perp, the officer has a camera pointed everywhere! Caught on camera with no way out, the officer gives him an ultimatum: take his thick cock up his ass or spend the holidays in jail! This desperate straight boy learns a tough lesson when he’s got the officer’s meat deep in him!

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Peer pressure can lead kids to do stupid things, including petty theft. This kid was put up to stealing a vape pen by his buddies, leading him to get caught on camera holding the merchandise in his underwear! The Loss Prevention Officer doesn’t care whose idea it was, only who was dumb enough to try and swipe it on his watch. The high school kid thinks he can slip away, but he gets busted by a thorough strip search. The officer sees it’s the kid’s first time stealing and offers to let him off the hook… only if he sucks his thick daddy dick first. This virgin straight boy gets more than he bargained for ends up serving a big cock instead of hard time.

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This punk thought he could get a jump on holiday shopping–except he didn’t want to shell out his own money. Stealing credits cards from different people, he managed to buy a few items here and there before each card could be shut off. The store caught on that he wasn’t who he claimed and had him sit with their loss prevention officer. This straight boy thought he was untouchable until the pervy officer puts his hands all over him! Under the threat of going to jail for identity theft, the officer tells him to suck his cock. Without any options, he reluctantly does as he’s told, tasting cock for the first time before it plows him up his ass.

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In this video, this kid thought he could outsmart the sales staff by sneaking several items under his clothes. Unfortunately, the cameras caught everything and he was forced to go head to head with the Loss Prevention Officer. Even though what he took amounted to almost nothing, the fear of the cops was enough to make him beg for leniency. The officer was happy to let the kid go, but not until he’d had his fun with him. The straight boy’s sticky fingers find themselves wrapped around his cock before it goes up his tight, virgin boy ass!

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