Here’s a man who is at ease in his body and mind. Irresistibly attractive Ely Chaim has been giving us wet dreams for a while now and we just had to interview him and find out more about the hot Lebanese guy who’s been entertaining us for Kristen Bjorn, Hard Kinks, Fucker Mate, UK Naked Men, Men, and Butch Dixon among other renowned gay porn studios. Ely has been very kind to open up for us in this exclusive interview for GayBator. We found a sweet, kind, hot, sexy, and adorable guy. Watch out, you’re gonna fall for him!

Name: Ely Chaim
Age: 35
Height: 181 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)
Cock size: 20 cm (8″)
Position: Versatile
Based in: Madrid, Spain
Languages spoken: Arabic, French, English, Spanish
Twitter: @elychaimxxx

Ely Chaim interview:

GB: Hi Ely! How’s your day been so far? Any big plans?

Ely: Day is good. Usually my plans are doing some online work. I am currently moving apartments so big plans are ending big boxes to fill.

Ely Chaim interviewGB: Sounds like quite some physical work. Gonna keep you in shape 😉 Apart from carrying boxes, what does a sexy man like you eat to keep such a great attractive body?

Ely: A healthy man is a sexy man. I usually tend towards vegetarian diets. Love smoothies like spinach/banana/ginger for the morning. A big salad for lunch. Plenty of fresh fruits and some dark chocolate. Then usually more vegetables at night. Hummus and guacamole are two fixed stuff that are always in my fridge. Pineapple too as it tastes good and makes your cum sweet.

GB: All this is very healthy indeed. Your cum must taste fantastic hehe. In any case it pays off with that sexy body of yours. Which parts of your body do you like the best and the least?

Ely: I really dunno. I come as a package haha. I’m not a fan of toes in general so i think they all look weird… Fav part? I think my nose is quite a signature.

GB: No complaints about your nose indeed 😉 Which parts of a man’s body turn you on the most?

Ely: The face. I like a sweet expressive face with thoughtful eyes. That said, I do have a type I prefer. I like men shorter than me, and healthy/fit (not skinny nor muscular).

GB: What turns you off in a man?

Ely: Smoking. Bad hygiene. Too much attitude. Long hair.

GB: You seem to know what you like and don’t. Nice! So let’s ask about the good stuff. When was the last time you had sex and how was it?

Ely Chaim interviewEly: Two days ago. We started with a drink on my sofa then we kissed deeply for a bit, before I took him to my bed. More and more kissing… Then I literally laid him down and started rolling my tongue over his body. I like to close my eyes at this point and just listen to his breathing and body language, so wherever he felt more pleasure and focused. Then he was ready for the next level which we did by the window hahaha. I’m a generous man, I don’t mind neighbours sneaking a peek.

GB: How generous of you indeed 😀 How often do you have sex on average?

Ely: 4 times a week.

GB: A very precise estimate hehe. We’ve seen you top and bottom wonderfully on screen. What do you enjoy the most?

Ely: Thanks man. In my daily life I prefer to be top. I rarely bottom. 
On screen I enjoy the whole experience. So what I would say is it’s not the role itself, it’s the thought of the pleasure it will give to people and how I enjoy my partner. So I’m equally happy with the experience.

GB: I’d say it shows that topping is your natural way. Which makes watching you bottomming even more exciting :p Are there any kinks, fetishes, or fantasies you’d still like to try out?

Ely: Speeeedos! Nipplesss. Those are my current ones. I’m kind of enjoying the dominance roles I had with Hard Kinks. So I might take that slowly further.

GB: Nice! Let’s now go back in time. When was your first sexual experience and how did it go?

Ely: Hahaha that was an awkward one! I was 21 and it was the first time i met a guy for sex. I come from a conservative family and country so yup… went slow… plus I am shy. It was weird because the whole thing felt between a swing of rights and wrong and I just felt like a shower for three hours after because of feeling guilty hahaha. I was still way too innocent.

Ely Chaim interviewGB: Shy boys are hot hehe. Can you describe the best sex you’ve ever had?

Ely: I can describe the funniest!!! I was at a club in Beirut and my boyfriend and I had a fight in the club so he was rude and left. Feeling low I forced myself to stay then I went to the bathroom to pee and this hot hot hunk was waiting in line! He went before me and asked if I’d like to come in. I said no. But then I was like wtf… So I knocked and he opened and we went and had a great feel-good quickie. Never exchanged numbers and we never met again. And that was awesome!!!

GB: And what about the worst sex ever?

Ely: I’m not gonna count the first one as it really doesn’t count. The worst experience was when I met this hot guy online and we went to a hotel together and I saw he had a huge infection (STD) he didn’t know he had on his anus. The worst part is I already had my hand there massaging his anus and it just all felt weird so when I saw it I was shocked and then trying to tell him was weirder… The thought of it still puts me off.

GB: Understandably. Let’s change subject then. What attracted you to do porn?

Ely: It was always on my mind. Since being a teenager. It was a matter of when, not if! I’m an exhibitionist in some ways and I really enjoy sex! haha

GB: And it shows! What would you say are the good and bad sides of being a porn star?

Ely: Pornstar as a term is different now than a few years back. With all the online platforms and the live cams and all, the industry is different. Moby says, “We’re all made of stars” 😛 I guess it’s true hahaha. The good part of the experience is the great deal of awesome people you get to work with, the fun shoots. The learning curve it provides you with and of course the hotties hahaha. T
he negative part is on two different levels: 1) When you work in any major studio where you put yourself to public, you will be subject to criticism and if you are not ready and strong it can bring you down; 2) 

The second part is that porn requires lots of professionalism and many people don’t see that point.

Ely Chaim interview

GB: Do people sometimes recognize you on the street and what is that like?

Ely: To be honest I do get recognized but not like all the time… It feels good though hahaha. I had some experiences where people come and take pics and I give them a kiss in return, could be French if we’re both cute haha.

GB: Cool. Is there anyone you are dreaming of shooting a scene with?

Ely: Dream no hahaha. Desire yes. Unfortunately Sunny Colucci quit porn, I wanted to try him one day… Also my teenage fetish Collin O’Neal hehehe.

GB: Hehe, yes, both really hot guys. So do you have exciting upcoming projects you’d like to announce?

Ely Chaim interviewEly: I am currently launching my website for life coaching and personal training: I’ve studied and prepared myself a lot and I’m ready for this journey!!!

GB: That’s exciting! Wishing you all the best with this new adventure! What are your favorite hobbies outside your porn star life? Any dreams for the future?

Ely: Hobbies include painting (I’ve held 4 exhibitions), performing (I’d really like to make some funny music videos hahaha), cooking absolutely. And some travel list aside from gym which is my daily routine. In the future, I’d like to open my own Bed n Breakfast.

GB: Nice, I wouldn’t mind being hosted by such a friendly and sexy guy haha. Are there any places in the world where you like to travel?

Ely: Oh yeaaaaa. Latin America… Iceland… Tokyo… Melbourne…

GB: That’s the big Ely world tour coming up hehe. Any advice to your fans out there? About love, sex, life, whatever is important to you?

Ely: Mmm here goes the Gay-Oprah in me haha: Guys… First and foremost love yourself and enjoy your own company. Take an hour per day where you just disconnect from phones and internet and distractions and learn about yourself. This will help you understand yourselves more and then whatever you will seek will be clearer. Love is learnt and trust is gained. What’s best about a relationship or a job is the journey. The path itself. Like when you are having sex, the sex action leading to the cumming part is what is intense. And the nicer the journey the more intense the outcome (or outcum in that example hah).

Ely Chaim interviewGB: Hahaha. That’s a wise guide to great outcomes and outcums in life! Back to the sex part, would you define yourself as gay, bi, straight, or something else?

Ely: Absofuckinlyfabulousely GAY.

GB: Ok. Now that’s a pretty clear answer! Are you in love at the moment?

Ely: I’m always in love. Like a kid in a candy store.

GB: And if we may ask, what’s your relationship status?

Ely: Single.

GB: I think our readers’ hearts are not going to resist that answer 😉 Thank you Ely for answering all our tricky questions. And all the best to you!

Ely: I’d like to thank you for taking the time to interview me! It’s been a pleasure!
 And I’d really wanna thank all the supporters and the fans that write me encouraging messages. Always be in touch guys! After all, every time I make a shoot I have you in mind and I do it for both you and me!

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Ely Chaim interview