Here’s a newcomer at Badpuppy with a hot hot cock and a sweet sweet asshole. Hunter Styles is a real hottie and proves it in two new scenes, a solo jerk off and a hot duo in which he takes Jeffrey Lloyd’ humongous cock all the way.

Hunter Styles makes cum flow through his big cockhead:

Hunter Styles is a 26 year old biology student studying genetics in Virginia, but in his spare time, he loves working out at the gym. Stripping of his shirt reveals some incredible tattoos inked into his furry tummy and chest. After his interview and still wearing his underwear, Hunter sits back down on the sofa, his hand stroking the growing bulge in his shorts. Hunter stands up, slips off his shorts and bends over the sofa. He spreads his ass cheeks wide and uses his fingers to get things going while he jerks his cock with the other hand. Hunter turns around, sits down on the sofa and the stroking continues. His cock is thick and plumped up from the cock ring he is wearing. As he gets closer to bursting, the frequency of his stroking increases and before long the thickest, creamiest jizz is flowing from his cock, running down the shaft and all over his hand.

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Jeffrey Lloyd fucks Hunter Styles:

Hunky Jeffrey Lloyd hooks up with young cub Hunter Styles in our latest action video. Hunter is the first one out of his clothes with Jeffrey dropping to his knees where he takes his time servicing Hunters engorged cock. Hunter returns the favor when Jeffrey lies back on the sofa and pulls off his pants. His cock is already rock hard and Hunters wastes no time swallowing and enjoying every inch of Jeffrey’s meat. Hunter climbs up into Jeffrey’s lap and slowly slides down onto his cock. He starts grinding slowly on Jeffrey’s dick; and, the moment he’s used to it he starts bouncing up and down giving himself a good ass-fucking. Taking control; Jeffrey turns Hunter over on the sofa with his ass in the air. Jeffrey wastes no time fillings Hunter’s hole with his cock and another ass-pounding ensues. Jeffrey fucks the hell out of Hunter’s ass until he can’t take it anymore. He pulls out and blows a thick, creamy load of jizz all over Hunter’s chest. Hunter leans forward; still jerking his own cock, and swallows the last remaining drops of cum from Jeffrey’s cock as he blows his own huge load of cum all over his arm, chest and tummy.

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BadPuppy Special OfferHunter Styles, Jeffrey Lloyd

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