Danny MonteroMeet a down-to-earth guy with a big smile. GayBator has been asking irresistible cutie Danny Montero a few questions in an exclusive interview. If you don’t know Danny yet, you’re missing out on a bunch of hot scenes from a very productive gay porn star who’s been featured at Bulldog Pit, Cocky Boys, Hard Brit Lads, UK Hot Jocks, and UK Naked Men among other quality sites. Mostly bottom on screen but versatile in real life, Danny has answered our questions confidently and straight to the point. Read on!

Name: Danny Montero
Age: 27
Height: 177 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 70 kg (154 lbs)
Cock size: 18 cm (7″)
Position: Versatile
Based in: Mexico City, Mexico
Languages spoken: Spanish, English
Twitter: @dannymonteroxxx

Danny Montero interview:

GB: Hi Danny. How are you today? What have you been up to?

Danny: I’m doing good thank you, just on vacation until next week 🙂

Danny MonteroGB: Sounds lovely! You have a beautiful smile. What is the best way to make you smile or laugh?

Danny: Just being yourself. I think that’s the best way to make me feel comfortable and smile.

GB: If a man wants to turn you on, what should his strategy be?

Danny: He has to be himself and be confident about it.

GB: When did you last have an erection and when did you last cum?

Danny: Early in the morning.

GB: Good boy 😉 How often do you have sex overall?

Danny: It depends, probably once or twice a week, sometimes once every 2 weeks.

GB: Would you define yourself as gay, bi, straight, or something else?

Danny MonteroDanny: Gay.

GB: How do you like your men? Any favorite types?

Danny: I like athletic guys, but recently I started to have a thing for guys with big arms.

GB: Hot! You may have noticed that we love facial cumshots at GayBator. Do you enjoy receiving cum facials yourself?

Danny: It depends if I’m really into the guy.

GB: What sexual practices do you like best?

Danny: I love sucking a nice dick!! hahah

GB: And it shows on screen 😉 So what brought you to do porn?

Danny: Random events hahaha. I was spotted by a guy while on a trip to Europe years ago. Eventually I stopped for a couple of years and then continued but never thought I would get this far.

Danny MonteroGB: Well congrats with that. We’re happy you got that far! What would you say are the best and worst sides of being a porn star?

Danny: The best side is probably the people you meet. I’ve made some really good friends in porn. The worst side is probably that everyone thinks you are all about sex.

GB: Do people sometimes recognize you on the street and what is that like?

Danny: Yeah it’s crazy! Most of the time it has been amazing and fun and I love meeting them as well. But once that one guy followed me and it turned out to be a bit scary.

GB: Did you ever get extreme reactions from people when they learned that you were doing porn?

Danny: Probably the only extreme reaction was from an ex-boyfriend that I had years ago. Other than that no.

GB: What’s the porn scene so far that you enjoyed the most? Anyone you are dreaming of shooting a scene with?

Danny: The most recent one with Arad WinWin. I had a great time also with Kayden Gray. I’d love to film with Ashton Summers, Allen King, Boomer Banks, Cory Kane.

Danny Montero

GB: Understandably, all great guys. When was your first sexual experience and how did it go?

Danny: Actually my first experience was on film. It was weird cause I have no idea of what I was doing but I did have a good time.

GB: That’s cool, not so many people had a positive first experience! Can you describe the best sex you’ve ever had?

Danny: Well we flip-flopped but when I was bottoming I came twice, including once without touching.

GB: Wow sounds very hot! And what about the worst sex ever?

Danny MonteroDanny: I get turned on by certain kinds of smell in a guy but this guy smelled really bad plus i wasn’t that into it.

GB: Apart from enjoying sex, what do you typically like spending time on?

Danny: I love being outdoors, doesn’t matter if I’m just chilling with some friends or wandering around. I love traveling as well and skating.

GB: Do you have any specific diet you like to stick to? Any porn-star diet recommendations?

Danny: I’m so bad following diets hehe. I only try to stay away from carbs at night and probably just eat everything I want but in small portions throughout the day.

GB: Hehe. Any advice to your fans out there? About love, sex, life, whatever is important to you?

Danny: I think in all of these aspects the best advice is: Don’t do anything you don’t like to do, just enjoy and have fun.

Danny MonteroGB: What are your dreams in life?

Danny: Starting a family.

GB: Nice. Do you have an exciting upcoming project you’d like to announce?

Danny: I do have a project I’m working on but I will talk about it when it’s the right time.

GB: Ok! And if we may ask, what’s your relationship status?

Danny: I’m in a relationship.

GB: Lucky man 😉 Thank you Danny for your answers! All the best for your future projects!

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