Here’s a kinky guy we’ve enjoyed watching in burning hot action for gay porn studios Hard Kinks and Butch Dixon. We’ve seen Dominique Kenique submit to some good male scents and let himself get dominated by the male penis. But the man loves using his male assets too! GayBator has had the pleasure to ask this very friendly guy a few questions about his sexuality, encounter with porn, and other all-important matters 🙂  Here’s an exclusive interview with Dominique Kenique!

Dominique KeniqueName: Dominique Kenique
Age: 45
Height: 166 cm (5’3″)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Cock size: 20 cm (8″)
Position: Versatile
Based in: Alicante, Spain
Languages spoken: French, Spanish, English (mmm… well… English jaja)
Twitter: @KeniqueXXX

Dominique Kenique interview:

GB: How are you today? Can you describe your mood of the moment?

Dominique: I’m a happy guy. It’s difficult to find a day without a smile on my face. At this moment it’s Sunday, spring time, sunshine through the windows of my office, and just thinking about going to the beach next week, getting naked, and enjoying the Spanish sun.

GB: We envy you there 😉  Would you define yourself as gay, bi, straight, or something else?

Dominique: I’m absolutely gay. I love sex with men that I’m attracted by.

Dominique KeniqueGB: The way it should be hehe. So when was the last time you had sex and how was it?

Dominique: Last time I had sex was last week in Mallorca with some sex friends, during a birthday party. It was great, why do you want to fuck with strangers when you have the most beautiful friends around to do it? We had a pleasurable time, having sex, chilling around.

GB: Indeed. How often do you have sex? With others and with yourself 😉

Dominique: I’m interested in new experiences. Maybe I’m older or mature, or whatever, but I choose carefully with whom I want to have sex. It has to be something exciting, a new experience, or something that motivates me.

GB: Understandable. When was your first sexual experience and how did it go?

Dominique: My first experience was a revenge. We were three close friends but I didn’t know the other two were boyfriends until one day one of them had to leave to do the military service, and my friend was very sad about it. He confessed to me that he was in love with the guy who had to leave… And I said, “Oh, sorry about that, can i do something for you?”…

GB: Naughty boy 😉  What do you like best in a man? And which body parts?Dominique Kenique

Dominique: I like two kinds of guys. If they are top, I prefer them very masculine, around my age, bigger than me, and if they are bottom, I prefer twink guys. So, the best part is easy. Good dicks for tops, good butts for bottoms. But what turns me on is ginger guys. Fuck. They all turn me on! You know, like Bennett Anthony… Uffff…

GB: Any turn-offs?

Dominique: Dirty guys, or dirty porn actors…

GB: Can you describe the best sex you’ve ever had?

Dominique: Probably love has much to tell about that, I had a lot of very good experiences, but the one I will remember forever was with an ex-boyfriend, fucking on the rocks of the Mediterranean coast. The temperature, light, and everything was perfect for filming it, and three dolphins came near the coast and were jumping while we were fucking.

Dominique Kenique

GB: And what about the worst sex ever?

Dominique: I’m a lucky guy, I always forget the worst parts of my life. I will not talk about the last worst sex, but it was close to the red line. You know, there’s a red line you should not cross. If you do, sex can turn into a nightmare.

GB: Got it. We’ve seen you in quite many submissive situations in your videos. What is it that turns you on about being dominated by other men?

Dominique: The fact is that I’m not a submissive guy. The situation of being dominated excites me more because to be a good dominant you first need to know how to be dominated, so it’s like a very good lesson for me.

GB: Do you have other kinks and fetishes, or fantasies you’d still like to try out?

Dominique: I’m a good fister, but I’m trying now to be fisted. I mean, I’m on my way, and I’ve done it sometimes, but I want to be more experimented to maybe do a good scene as a bottom.

GB: We are very much looking forward to that 🙂  Any favorite sexual position?

Dominique: I like to fuck and be in touch with the other body, so side to side is a good position for me.

Dominique KeniqueGB: So how did you start doing porn?

Dominique: I started at home in fact, with some webcam shows. This kind of home-made porn is very useful to lose your shame on camera, but in fact my first experience was during Madrid Gay Pride around year 2002, where I made a live performance with Michael Brandon. I’ve been always around the porn world, but it was last year that I decided to take it more seriously.

GB: And we’re glad for that decision. What’s your best porn experience been?

Dominique: It’s funny, but my best experience in porn has been as a director in Double Game with Josh Milk and Dani Basch. But if you ask me as an actor …well… I had a very good time with Tigger Redd, and also Dmitry Osten… They are lovely!

GB: And what about the worst experience?

Dominique: I had a very bad experience in porn, I prefer not to talk about it. My mates know exactly what happened, but unfortunately that bad experience made one of my best scenes. It was not fake but the red line was crossed…

GB: Sorry to hear that. Is there anyone you are dreaming of shooting a scene with?

Dominique: A lot of them …but… I would love to do a scene with Teddy Torres, Bennett Anthony, Jack Hunter… and many more… However, dreaming is free…

GB: Pretty hot guys, we must admit! Let’s hope they read this 😉  Apart from shooting hot sex scenes, what do you like spending time on? Any hobbies?

Dominique Kenique

Dominique: I love to travel with my boyfriend or my best friend Josh Milk, but I’m doing a lot of things like writing a blog where I can give my point of view about gay porn, doing gym every day, preparing some events in Spain, and writing some scenes to direct in the future…

GB: Cool. Here’s a random question. What is your favorite dish? Any favorite foods?

Dominique: Well, I love paella, since I live on the Mediterranean coast… I’m a very good and healthy cook, so anything goes but I’m no into fast food… Well… from time to time you know 😉

GB: Any advice to your fans out there? About love, sex, life, whatever is important to you?

Dominique: Be responsible for yourself, whatever you decide in life. There’s no time for regrets.

GB: Do you have exciting upcoming projects you’d like to announce?

Dominique: I’ve got two scenes to come and a documentary but I’m working hard to make some changes to my body, so next shooting will be probably in May, and I will also attend Prowler Awards 2017 with Josh Milk.

GB: Are you in love at the moment?Dominique Kenique

Dominique: Fuck yes!

GB: That came from the heart! What are your dreams in life?

Dominique: I’ve got a good life, I would have never dreamed I could reach it, so… for the moment, I’m happy. How could I dream of something different now?

GB: Happy for you! And if we may ask, what’s your relationship status?

Dominique: I’m in a relationship with a man for more than five years, but only my close friends know about my private life. And I think it’s good. I don’t wanna mix everything.

GB: Probably a very good idea. Anything else you would like to share? Anything on your mind?

Dominique: There’s a place for everyone in gay porn. Maybe I do not work like a 25 year-old guy, but everyone has to find the right place to be. I’m not thinking about retiring next year, or in 10 years from now, I just want to live the experience. It’s not about money; it’s about enjoying what i do.

GB: We like to hear that. Thank you Dominique for taking the time to answer our questions. And to your boyfriend for helping with the English translation 😉

Dominique: Thank u so much for this interview, and good luck with your blog!

GB: Thank you 🙂

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