You know the feeling. You go for a pee and suddenly get a hard-on from the thought of a hot guy entering the restroom to go down on you. That’s exactly what happens to Damien Crosse, who gets his fantasies fulfilled as big-dicked Kayden Gray is more than up for a hard toilet fuck.

Damien Crosse and Kayden Gray in hot toilet fuck:

After all, Damien had to go to the office anyway and decides to go to the pub for a quick drink with a friend. They are enjoying a drink when he sees Kayden at the bar, he walks towards his corner of the room and sits across him. They exchange glances and Damien gets up to go to the toilets, hoping Kayden will follow. Damien takes a piss at the urinal and starts stroking his cock, slowly. Kayden is outside debating but he decides to go. He places himself next to a wanking Damien and whops out his own massive semi erect cock. They look at each other and wank for a bit before they turn to face each other and Damien grabs Kayden’s cock. Kayden wanks Damien then kneels down and takes the thick cock in his mouth. Damien is dying to taste the monster cock in front of him and soon the roles reverse, Damien sucks Kayden, then pushes him to the wall and rims him before fucking him. Kayden’s cock is dripping precum and as much as he enjoys feeling his ass filled, he likes to fill one too. He pushes Damien to the other end of the wall sucks and rims him quickly before ramming over 9 inches of hard dick inside Damien. Damien comes while getting fucked and Kayden wanks himself off and leaves a massive load of cum on the toilet floor.

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