Meet Jae Gorgeous! One of the cutest newcomers in the industry is a skinny young bottom that we’ve enjoyed in a couple of scenes for Cocky Boys (as Jay Roze) and Videoboys. GayBator was curious to know more about who is hiding behind this beautiful smile and Jae was ever so kind to take the time to answer some of our dirty and intimate questions in an exclusive interview. Read on!

Name: Jae GorgeousJae Gorgeous
Age: 22
Height: 165 cm (5’5″)
Weight: 52 kg (115 lbs)
Cock size: Not sure LOL
Position: Bottom
Based in: Brooklyn, USA
Languages spoken: English
Twitter: @Jaexgorgeous

Jae Gorgeous interview:

GB: Hi Jae. Let’s start with some breaking-news facts. When did you last have an erection and when did you last cum?

Jae: I get boners all the time 😉  I haven’t cum in a week… LOL just been busy 🙂

GB: What is the best way to turn you on?

Jae: Make me laugh and don’t be too much, just be yourself.

Jae GorgeousGB: At GayBator, we love facial cumshots. Do you enjoy receiving cum facials yourself?

Jae: Hell no! Not my way, I keep my face clean 24:7 🙂

GB: Such an innocent boy 😉  How often do you jerk off and cum overall?

Jae: Shit, enough to keep me from hoeing LMAO!

GB: Haha, so do you have any specific diet you like to stick to? Any porn-star diet recommendations?

Jae: No, I just eat more now LOL.

GB: And apart from enjoying sex, what do you typically like spending time on?

Jae: I love movie binging!!! Swimming. I’m big on learning new things if it goes my way.

GB: What brought you to do porn?

Jae: I’m always naked on the gram ?.  Sex is just another layer. Just said I never would too many times and bam! It happened…

GB: What would you say are the best and worst sides of being a porn star?

Jae: Worst sides? I don’t know, I haven’t experienced the whole 9 yards…

Jae Gorgeous

GB: What’s the porn scene so far that you enjoyed the most? Anyone you are dreaming of shooting a scene with?

Jae: I loved my scene with Ricky Roman. I would love to shoot with Jake Bass, Mario Costa, Vadim Black 😉

GB: Jake, Mario, Vadim, if you read us 😉  Would you define yourself as gay, bi, straight, or something else?

Jae: GAY. AS fuck!!! LMAO I know I’m gay 🙂

GB: When was your first sexual experience and how did it go?

Jae: Horrible! Taking 9″ for the first time isn’t pleasant. It was out of revenge, I told him I had done it before, I lied and he knew my real age… I didn’t know that feeling of a dick in the butt, I thought I was full then I would take it out but then I was like “Uh ?, guess not…” LMAO

GB: How do you like your men? Any favorite types?

Jae: Masc! I say ass is optional, dick is a must! But I love a nice pretty face with some scruff ?, a smile. The guy that can wear sweats and a beat-up shirt but still can get cleaned up nice.

Jae GorgeousGB: OK! We’ll keep smiling to you then 🙂  Can you describe the best sex you’ve ever had?

Jae: The best sex I had, WOW! Mhmm it was with a Dominican guy ?, “R”. LOL just because I feel like each time it occurred it was just better and better: the position, the heat, the pumps, “thrusts”, the secrect, the shadyness of it all… I don’t know how to describe in detail.

GB: Sounds so hot that you’re losing your words 😉  And what about the worst sex ever?

Jae: Oh the worst sex, the ones that bust fast #overit, OR the ones that can’t fuck good at all, I’ll be like “No stop, let’s not…”

GB: Any idea how many men have you’ve been fucked by in your life so far?

Jae: I can still count LOL, there are more pennies in a 50-cent roll than my body count on my sheet.

GB: Good boy! I think we shouldn’t forget to talk about your beautiful butthole 😉  We are all in love with it! What’s so good about being a bottom?

Jae: Being a bottom for me I feel is like giving the option of “control”. It’s me saying “Do what u want” then it’s like I can do as I please if I really want to. But what’s good about being a bottom is the hot intense feeling, the loss of breath and enjoyment.

GB: Do you enjoy topping too?

Jay Gorgeous

Jae: I like topping sometimes, just a few pumps then i go back to bottoming LOL.

GB: Haha. A true bottom boy! Did you ever get extreme reactions from people when they learned that you were doing porn?

Jae: Well I’m known in the gay scene as “Jae Gorgeous”, so people expected it from me. I hinted I would do it one day. Right after saying I never would LOL. When Tumblr became big and people were getting exposed I took advantage and exposed myself and I got props for doing so. So doing porn was like TADA! LOL

GB: No complaints from our side, we say TADA too! Any advice to your fans out there? About love, sex, life, whatever is important to you?

Jae: Just work hard! Find a base and build off, whether its your looks, your knowledge, your artistic ways. Your style. FIND how they connect with YOU. Not the other way around and build off that.

GB: Advice taken. So what are your dreams in life?

Jae: I always wanted to do acting or voice over, I’m such an animated loud person. Still on my bucket list…

Jae GorgeousGB: Do you have exciting upcoming project you’d like to announce?

Jae: I am doing photo shoots with @JahnHall, and I have another scene coming soon ?.

GB: Really looking forward to discovering the result! And just a last question, if we may ask, what’s your relationship status?

Jae: I am currently single.

GB: With such a smile, I’m sure you have many admirers ready to propose to you any time already 😉  Thank you Jae for taking the time to answer our questions. Good luck for the future, we’re looking forward to seeing more of you.

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