Young Danny has been hiding in the closet to avoid being summoned by the house manager. But he can’t stay in there forever and as he gets out, the manager has a hard cock ready for him to taste. Danny tastes some male tools and gets fucked as a punishment. As if it was not enough, he receives huge cum squirts all over his pretty face.

Danny receives huge cum squirts on the face:

Some guys never learn. This poor specimen has it made, yet he chooses over and over again to go back to his old habits. Even with our careful guidance and thorough instruction, he fucked up so much that we were at our wits end.

Thinking an entire day in a dark closet might do the trick, we left him alone. The closet was the least of his troubles, though, because when we let him out we were gonna make sure and have some fun with him. Those pretty blue eyes of his beaming up at you when he has your cock in his mouth! Me and the other House Managers, and even some of the assistants, have a suspicion that he simply likes being punished. I don’t know about that, but I do know that most of us like punishing him!

After using his mouth as our own personal pocket pussy for a while, we turned our attention to his hole. Despite the few times he’s been fucked at the House, it remains very tight. With just a little lube, the first Manager’s dick slides in with only some minor effort. He knows he has fucked up, and he also knows that he owes us a good time for all of his problems. If only everyone else had that kind of attitude, the world would be a better place. After getting him loose on the dining table on his back, he stands up to take another Manager’s dick. After round one, the second round is easy peasy – hot young str8 boy ass never felt so good. With a cock in his mouth and a cock in his hole, he knew his place in the grand scheme of things.

Just so as to not let him off too easy, we have him ride cock like a two bit whore before our final releases. He looks fine riding a stiff dick, and as much as his face was saying, “no,” his gaping ass was looking like it was saying, “yes.” This waste of space gets one of the manager’s close with a handjob before he takes a load up his poop-chute. When the thick cock is pulled out, there is a split second of stillness, and then the jizz just starts oozing out of his used up hole like jelly coming out of a donut. The other Manager promptly shoots a huge load into his mouth and all over his face. He says he is sorry, but he’s probably not sorry about breaking the rules as much as he is sorry that we turned him into our bareback sperm bucket for the afternoon.

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