GayBator has talked to the new hung top guy in porn who is likely to please many lucky asses in the near future: Koldo Goran. After a couple of burning hot scenes for Fucker Mate, Hard Kinks, and Tim Tales, we were curious about Koldo and set up an interview to hear more about this rising star in gay porn. Read on for revelations about what Koldo is all about in this first GayBator porn star interview.

Name: Koldo GoranKoldo Goran
Age: 27
Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 73 kg (161 lbs)
Cock size: “I never use the meter!”
Position: Only top
Based in: Valencia, Spain
Languages spoken: Spanish, Catalan/Valenciano, English
Twitter: @KoldoGoran

Koldo Goran interview:

GB: Hi Koldo! Let’s start with an easy question. What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

Koldo: A big glass of cold milk mixed with Nesquik, toast (that depends on the day) with marmelade and butter, tomato, olive oil, salt, cheese spread, and sliced ham. Plus two boiled eggs, orange juice, and tea.

GB: Wow that was a nourishing breakfast! Was it good and why did you choose such a diet?

Koldo: I need a lot of food in the morning to have energy all day.

GB: Ok, let’s get to the point 🙂 When did you find out that your cock was way bigger than what most men dream of?

Koldo GoranKoldo: At first when I started dating dudes, I was so into enjoying guys’ asses that I never really paid attention to their dicks, and to be frank it did not matter to me, but with time and maybe because of the frequent “Oh My God” I heard, I started realizing that I was kind of above average…

GB: How do people react when they see how hung you are?

Koldo: That depends, some guys just get the hell scared of challenging their tight unexperienced holes, and some just behave like Indiana Jones discovering the lost temple hahahahah.

GB: Haha, so would you define yourself as gay, bi, straight, or something else?

Koldo: I’m a very hetero-friendly gay man.

GB: Well said! When was your first sexual experience and how did it go?

Koldo: I was 16 years old and it was really boring, the first date was not really good. I prefer remembering many others.

GB: What turns you on the most in a guy? Any favorite types?

Koldo: Masculine on the street and feminine at home. I love blond guys.

GB: Now I am thinking of dying my hair blond 😉 Can you describe the best sex you’ve ever had?

Koldo: I am checking my account on PlanetRomeo, talking to different guys but finding none that interests me. In a section of the website there are photos of new profiles in your city and I browse all the way down to the last profile. I’m excited about what I see, a very handsome boy. He is not online but I notice that we are both in the neighborhood of Nollendorfplatz in Berlin. I close my profile and go out shopping, and on the way to the supermarket, I see in the distance a little head blond like a lemon lollipop entering the supermarket. I write him and in the supermarket in the frozen section our eyes meet, my heart accelerates and I speak without Koldo Goranthinking. I could not miss the occasion. We do not understand each other: He speaks Hungarian and German and me Spanish and English. With Google Translate we manage to communicate and I explain that I have recognized the profile I wanted to get to know. We smile and we leave the supermarket, forgetting the shopping cart in the frozen goods area.

He is a Hungarian boy, blond, 1.65 m, with a sweet face and rich lips. We have no place to be alone so we decide to go to a sauna to rent a room. Without leaving each other at any moment, our bodies meet, caressing each other in the sauna between passionate kisses. His skin is soft and smells of cherries, very light but the sun has given it a glow. We start to sweat from the heat so we go to our room. The feel of his skin provokes in me a brutal erection. He lies on the mattress upside down and I massage his back with oil with my hands. Then I kiss his neck with my big erection between his buttocks and push my tongue down his spine until I reach his butt, I begin to massage his buttocks closer and closer to his rich asshole that I start to tease with my thumbs. I’m taking my time to prepare his ass and start rimming him. My tongue inside him vibrates and makes cool moves, I hear him moan and I grab the Koldo Goranmattress, I like that ass with inhuman passion, it is really excited and expands fast, I notice the heat coming out of that asshole. He is asking for my cock loudly, so without warning him I nail his ass with full length. He screams and jumps a bit, stretches his arms and grabs my hands, pushing me towards him, which brings us into a hug. He whispers “I love you, marry me.” I hold his chin and look at his butt, I kiss him while I give strong shaking to his warm ass. The minutes turn into hours of my cock entering and leaving his hole. I lost account of all the different positions!

After such a long time being excited, I cannot take it anymore and pour all my love juice into him as deep as possible as we continue kissing. I feel that without any touching he also reaches orgasm while I do. We still embrace each other, I am about to remove my cock from his ass but he grabs my waist saying that he wants to sleep with my dick inside him, so we cuddle and sleep, exhausted. A few hours later we wake up, I am no longer inside because of sleeping but we are still holding hands. We take a shower together and go to the hot tub to take a bath, where we make love again while we watch other customers in the sauna. It is time to say goodbye, because that little space of time in which nothing matters has come to an end, and the obligations of the real world take you back to a reality in which we speak different languages.

Koldo GoranBut in bed we understood each other as if we were born for the other one. It was a cold farewell, and I was conscious that we possibly would never find each other again. Today I live in love with that memory, I sometimes imagine ourselves as serious match in life. I’m afraid to see him again tomorrow and that this magical memory of physical perfection in a boy disappears.

GB: Wow, that was hot! Now it’s me who’s left with a brutal erection 😉 So what about the worst sex ever?

Koldo: One day a guy passed out while I was banging his ass. I got the fear of my life, not hot at all!

GB: Understandably… You have already proven that you can shoot a lot. How often do you cum?

Koldo: Depends on the day, sometimes no cum, sometimes 7 times in one day.Koldo Goran

GB: I wanna see you on a 7-times day then haha. Do you save up in advance when you have to get ready for a scene?

Koldo: More or less for 3 days.

GB: So how and why did you become a porn actor?

Koldo: I was walking down the street one day and was a little bit upset with something that had happened and I decided to go to a nude beach. It was September and the weather was miserable. A guy saw me naked, came up to me and suggested that I could be a porn star, and that was it…

GB: That sounds easy. It brought you quite far already! What are then the best and worst sides of doing porn?

Koldo: The best is the satisfaction of being watched while giving and receiving pleasure, it’s like sharing joy…

The worst is that it can become routine, so I’m very careful of keeping it the natural pleasure that sex is.

GB: That sounds very healthy to me. Do you have favorite porn stars and is there anyone you are dreaming of shooting a scene with?

Koldo: Myself, but cloning is still not so advanced and I still don’t bottom LOL.

GB: Hahaha, you never know, I agree that would be the hottest scene ever! How often do you have sex and how often do you jerk off?

Koldo: Depends on the day, most often up to 7 times.

GB: How many men have you fucked over the years?

Koldo: Wow never thought about it, so I don’t know…

GB: Apart from fucking men, what are your hobbies? Any favorite music, movies, books, etc.?

Koldo GoranKoldo: I love reading fantasy books, painting, and diving. I like all music but my favorite style is rock.

GB: Cool. So any advice to your fans out there? About love, sex, life, whatever is important to you?

Koldo: Sex is a wonderful gift that is important to enjoy in a healthy way.

GB: We take the advice 🙂 What are your dreams in life?

Koldo: I want my home on a tropical land with a small farm where i can have chicken, rabbit, one cow, one goat, a horse, my vegetable garden, and a fruit trees garden with birds and their nests. And inside the home a couple of titi monkeys and one galgo dog.

GB: It sounds like the perfect life, I wish that your dream comes true! Last question, that I’m sure many of our readers will be interested in: Are you single or taken?

Koldo: Single.

GB: Then I’m sure that this interview has made many men fall madly in love with you already! Anything else on your mind you would like to share?Koldo Goran

Koldo: I would like to add something in Spanish: Quien tiene miedo tiene desgracias, sigue tu felicidad y el universo te abrirá puertas ella donde solo había muros.

GB: We are now all rushing to Google Translate as you did with your best sex partner ever! Sometimes things are more beautiful when you don’t understand them 🙂

Thank you Koldo for taking the time to answer our questions! We hope to see more of your talents on screen soon!

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