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Latin exchange student gets fucked by his landlord

When this sexy daddy finds out that his step son has been stealing from their Latin guest, he bends the troublemaker over his knee to spank some sense into him. When the foreign exchange student sees this, the young guy can’t help but be turned on. Watching the older man display such strength and power gets his heart racing and his cock hard, desperate to feel his host’s big hand smack his smooth, tan behind. The horny daddy is more than happy to give him a taste of his rough side, bending him over and fucking him hard and raw!

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Like all gay daddies, he likes to give a lesson to his boys

When daddy comes home after a long day, he’s amazed to find the place an absolute mess! With his boy and nephew sitting on the couch, he has no choice but to step in and remind them who’s in charge. Needing both to have a clean house and to breed boy butt, he has his boys draw straws to decide what each will do. One will be stuck cleaning and the other will get to ride his big, raw dick!

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Mum is out and stepdad needs his ass fucked…

While working on their homework, these two boys get to talking about all the hot sex they’ve been having with their muscle bear stepdad. As much as they love having his thick cock deep inside, they’re curious to see what sex is like on top. With mom out of the house, they see an opportunity to get some fuck lessons from their sexy old man. He’s more than happy to show his handsome boys how to take control and get their cocks up in each other. He guides them as they practice on each other, showing them just what to do to make their bottoms cum. It all ends with him giving them a hands-on final exam with each boy breeding their hairy dad’s hole!

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He goes to sleep with daddy and gets a huge boner

It can be difficult having to share a bed with your cousin, especially when you’re desperate to jerk off. Not wanting to wake up his cousin, he slips into his step dad’s room to find him sleeping naked… as he always does. Slipping into bed, his horny daddy notices his rock hard cock and knows the boy needs a good hard fuck. The young boy sucks his daddy’s cock while the bearded man devours his tight, smooth hole, all before slipping his huge dick deep inside. Forgetting his sleeping nephew in the next room, Jacob pounds his boy’s hole, waking the young man. The curious cousin walks in to find his cousin and uncle fucking hard and eagerly joins in!

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Stepdad knows how to cheer up his heartbroken stepson

George spends his whole evening worried about his boy’s date. He wants him to be free and experience new things, but he can’t help feeling jealous of the guy he’s with. More than anything, he wants to be intimate with his stepson and give him everything he wants. When Ethan comes home heartbroken and distraught, his old man is there ready and willing to make him feel better. Sexy daddy George kisses his boy sweetly and passionately, telling him that no one can fuck him better than an experienced older man like his dear old daddy!

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