The new “Slutty Professor” series from Naked Sword is guaranteed to make you hard in no time. Big dick nerds and sporty jocks meet the horny faculty in a more intimate way than originally planned. Here are previews of the first two episodes. Enjoy!

JJ Knight fucks Danny Montero

After an unsuccessful class field trip to his favorite tree, nerdy Professor Kelp (Ace Era) runs into jocks JJ Knight and Danny Montero in the locker room. They torment the nervous brainiac with sexual advances and tie him up, but he escapes, leaving the studs to finish what they started. JJ kicks back on the locker room bench with his giant baseball bat-size cock in the air. Danny goes down on him, swallowing his cock to the base, then gets on his knees with his ass in the air. JJ licks Danny’s hole then fucks him in every position like a beast until he blows. JJ stands up and Danny milks a load out of him, drinking every last drop.

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Nerdy student Justin Brody fucks slutty professor Bruce Beckham

Fumbling Professor Kelp (Ace Era) is becoming increasingly unpopular with his students, except for equally nerdy Justin Brody. As the sexual tension between them builds, Professor Studly (Bruce Beckham) bursts into the classroom and Kelp is called to the Dean’s office. Studly informs Justin that Kelp is in danger of losing his job but promises to put in a good word for him, if Justin cooperates. Studly undresses Justin and goes down on him like he’s earning a PhD in cock sucking. He edges Justin with his hot wet mouth, but that’s not the hole he wants filled. The hot professor bends over the desk and Justin shoves his dick inside, fucking him deep all over the class room. The sucking and fucking continues until both men are hot, sweaty, and covered in cum.

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