These 10 inches of male meat are far from being done with pleasing willing male holes. Rocco Steele is back and is ready to show two of the hottest bottoms of the moment a very good time. Armond Rizzo and Seth Santoro got to open it WIDE!

Rocco Steele fucks Armond Rizzo

The scene you’ve been waiting for, hotter than even I expected. Armond wraps both hands and his mouth on my cock, getting it nice and slick for his hungry hole. I fucked him so hard he cried out for Daddy. Armond’s taken a lot of dicks, but he damn sure remembers mine.

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Rocco Steele fucks Seth Santoro

Ever since I started porn, I’ve wanted to do a scene with Seth. He has this quiet sexiness about him-like he knows a secret or something. When he agreed to do a scene with me, I was really excited. I got a taste of that amazing and juicy ass in a show we did together last year. I was looking forward to more quality time with him…experiencing that ass in every position.

I decided I wanted him in a sling. I wanted that ass on full display in front of me…all exposed for me to rim and fuck to my heart’s (and cock’s) desire. He tasted as good as I imagined and his hole felt like a bit of heaven. We fucked in every position you could in a sling-he even got on top and rode me-no easy feat. I couldn’t get enough and I finally had to blow. Fucking Seth Santoro was everything I imagined. He did not disappoint and I assure you, neither will this scene. Keep your cum rag handy…

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My 10 Inches

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