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Leather biker needs to checkout a manhole to get his balls drained

This tattooed leather biker has spent the entire day riding on his chopper with his bum bouncing up and down on the vibrating seat. His balls are pent up with sperm and he’s aching for a release as his buddy pumps his stiff cock, his arse gets penetrated by the park keeper’s truncheon and he’s mauled with kisses by the pervy exhibitionist. The vicar relishes this shameless display and records it all for private use!

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Simon’s straight ass abused by horny hard cocks

Simon is taking real delight in seeing his secret superior being given sexual discipline after the punishment he received. Now he can really get his own back! Derek Stepson is so overwhelmed by the circle of hard cocks presented to him that need servicing, he looses track of which is going in his mouth and which in his aching anus. The levels of perversion at this school are getting out of control!

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Prisoner forced to eat his own sperm

Smith tried to become top dog at this pervy prison but has ended up being the prison bitch! Having taken his arse and stretched open his sphincter, the officers and vengeful inmate now also want to steal the pretty boy’s sperm. Pinned between the three men they yank and manipulate his cock till he looses all control!

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