Kayden Gray and Sunny Colucci have humongous boners. Now what to do about that? Well, first suck on those. But it only makes those rods grow bigger and harder. Kayden attempts to shove his erect monster cock deep into Sunny’s asshole. It feels good and makes them want to shoot their loads.

Kayden Gray fucks Sunny Colucci:

Kayden Gray was determined to get his work done; but, Sunny Colucci has other plans. Sunny kneels onto the sofa and sticks his face right in front of Kayden pressing their lips together. And so the attempts at passionate kissing began. It takes Kayden less than two minutes to realize that heís not going to get anything done so; he shuts his laptop and gives in to Sunny. Sunny loosens Kayden’s jacket as he straddles Kayden and at the same time Kayden helps Sunny out of his sweatshirt. Kayden reaches for Sunny’s crotch and as he’s feeling Sunny’s stiffness growing in his shorts Kayden’s own cock pops out of the top of his jeans. These two hot studs quickly undress and go to work on each other’s cocks; shortly, with Kayden using his tongue to go after Sunny’s ass. With Sunny’s ass ready and waiting, Kayden slips on a condom and then ever so intently he plunges his huge cock deep inside Sunny. Sunny goes from his back to riding Kayden’s monster cock, literally bouncing up and down on it. Kayden fucks the shit out of Sunny in multiple positions; but, Kayden has a little surprise for Sunny as he is about to cum. Kayden pulls out of Sunny’s ass, drops down and starts sucking the cum right out of Sunny’s cock; allowing the remnants to slide down Sunny’s cock. Kayden is ready to shoot. He grabs his cock and with a few thrusts of his hand he shoots a stream of jizz that goes all the way and lands on Sunny. Yeah, I’d say these two were into each other.

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